Best. Simpsons Character. Ever?

As part of the continued relentless cross-promotional campaign to help promote the upcoming release of The Simpsons Movie, The Chicago Tribune has been running a bracket-style tournament (a-la Band Madness) to try to find out who everyone's favorite Simpsons character might be.

Voting has been going on for a while, and and the field has been narrowed down to the final eight. Most of the names listed are the ones you'd expect, but among the possible surprises so far is the fact that with the elimination of Lisa and Marge, there are no more women in the running --

but perhaps most bizarre of all, Ralph Wiggum is kicking butt and taking names.
Comments (if any) should be phrased as Simpsons quotes.


Monster said...

Don't be alarmed, continue swimming naked!

Satorical said...

"Oh boy: Sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!"

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