Band Madness - The Final Four

A few months back we introduced you to Band Madness, the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament-inspired game that pitted various bands against each other in publicly voted point-and-click combat.

Now, after months of head-to-head challenges featuring over 500 different musical groups from all different backgrounds and genres, a final four has emerged:
David Bowie vs. The Beatles
Led Zepplin vs. Pink Floyd
From these two matchups a championship pairing will be decided to see who wins it all. So if you want your voice heard in this battle, the time to do it is now.

1 comment:

Satorical said...

So the front page also has a poll asking which is the nerdiest of six bands.

I've seen four of them live.

So, uh, what is a Moxy Fruvous?

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