The Friday Smile -- Better Nate than Lever Edition

Friday, Sunday -- sometimes things get so crazy at work that you can't even tell the difference. So even though it's more like Sunday outside, we'll just close our eyes and pretend it's Friday-Friday land.

Of course, no fake Friday would be complete without our recap of the week that was here at the Highly Recommended, and this one was another classic -- featuring all sorts of fun things to see and do.

We started out with dramatic pussies, bouncing balls, and big bottoms (which sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is).

That was followed up with plight of the Hello Kitty husband, the plight of the hornball wookie, and of course, the plight of office workers who only have five minutes to off themselves in any way possible.

If that wasn't enough, there were we had headbangers pretending to be kittens, rabbits pretending to be women, unbelievably rich soccer players and their wives pretending to be horny superheroes who "bom chicka bwooam" ran out of gas in their trans-am (..or something like that)

Finally we found ourselves enjoying Clichemonster's animated dancers, learning about Satorical's magazine subscriptions and favorite musical artists (ah, who am I kidding -- we all dig K.D.).

Add one creepy monkey-lookin' thing selling peanuts, and you got yourself a pretty great week.

But before I go, here's an odd thing you might not have noticed before (I know I certainly didn't). Kind of like the way I hardly noticed it wasn't really Friday anymore until just now.
Have a great rest of the weekend!

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