Charlie Sheen or Muammar Qaddafi?

Much more difficult than you might have ever expected a tongue-in-cheek quiz to be.


Nrrrd Girl You Don't Deserve Me

Who's the A-hole that forgot to tell everybody about this until AFTER valentines day!?

For those of you who might not have completely comprehended the awesomeness, this is bacon wrapped in chocolate sculpted to look like Han Solo encased in Carbonite.

(this is the part where the opening chords to "Tom Sawyer" play at full volume).


Map of Metal! Electronic Music Map! Maps of music.

You know you love metal. If you are a metalhead, you probably have genres and sub-genres you like. If you are a little more casual, then you probably like visual kei or classic rock or some related genre of metal. But I'm positive, just like there is someone out there that is right for you, there is a metal song that is right for you.

Map of Heavy Metal (flash required)

This will help you figure out what you like, what is related, maybe help you find something else that you like. And it will burn up a chunk of your day exploring. Use the minimap to move the big map around. Click on a genre and in many genres you can listen to a little sample.

Found one that does Techno music:

Electronic Music Map

Not as polished, but just as fun! I also think everyone loves Electronic music.


Back to Their Future Photos

This KICK ASS series of photos recreates scenes from participant's past with the people as they are now. What an awesome idea!! Makes me kinda want to recreate this one of myself... But where would I find all that wood paneling and that awesome Micky Mouse record player?? Oh well - at least I know how to use Photoshop...


Everything is a Remix

This is fantastic.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

P.S. -- Stick around after the credits, there's some very cool bonus stuff hiding there around the 7:03 mark.

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