Dunno if tickets will be available to the hoi polloi, but I recommend anything Julie Taymor ever does. Note: watching the video linked on the upper right side of the page is good for college credit.

Update: tickets are still available, and unlike Taymor's Magic Flute last year, no obnoxious membership or season pass is required. I'm in the cheap seats on the last night of the show.


Belinda Bedekovic

1:29 in on the YouTube vid. Wait for it.


Extreme Ironing

It's one thing to have a silly blog. Not about to start throwing stones here. It's also one thing to run a marathon. I've got a spot in this year's NYC 26.2-miler on November 5th.

It is quite another thing entirely to have a silly blog detailing how someone ran a marathon with an ironing board and iron on his back.

I say this because upping the ante would require carrying a 40lb. bag of potting soil, a trellis, and a Garden Weasel. Although I'm sure Extreme Gardening (especially the full-contact version) awaits claiming by some fool, it ain't me.



Ok, we're stepping past the 90s and adding comments. Go nuts. Word verification is a pain, but it stops comment spam. Also, comment moderation is on. Don' be a troll, c'homes.


The Ex

Knife holder for those with issues.


The Gund Gatt

Who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm loco?


Many Books You Have

Some days it's all you can do to get to work or class on time.

I mean lets face it, we all want to have fun and sneak out during the summer months, but sometimes you've just got to keep your mind on where you are, and what you're doing.
Playing Hooky.
Calling in sick.
..A Jedi Craves Not These Things

(Mad love to the Monster, who found it first)


Lil Jon Crunk Golf

"From skyscraper roof tops to Times Square, this golf is gangsta."

Seven years later, the question is still relevant: Should the US impose limits on incredibly stupid shit?


Diet Coke and Mentos

You've just got to love it when chemistry gets its show on.

However, much like the American government -- I feel as if these scientists have not yet given enough thought to the weapons potential inherent in this technology.

I mean let's face it -- Super Soakers are expensive.

Therefore, in the name of national security I propose that a massive testing session be held in the immediate future at a local pool, beach, or pub
Who's with me!?



Arena rock meets Radiohead, with bad mustaches. More of a live thing than album bliss, but give it a go.


And by "Gryphon," they mean "Acme."

The Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing is a set of jet engines and a fixed wing you attach to your back while in an airplane. You then jump out of the airplane, fly up to 110 miles, then parachute to the ground.

Please note that by "you," I mean "not me."

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