This is why I prefer designing for print

I'm not an animator - but I am a designer who occasionally does some character illustrations. Them coming to life is the stuff nightmares are made of... but man is this fun!


AT-AT Day Afternoon

Remember Iron Baby -- the viral short that made the rounds a while back? The same super-talented guy who did that (Patrick Boivin) is behind this awesome little short about the two things he wanted badly when he was a child but never got, all rolled into one.


How Fast? Sonic Fast!

I can hear the sound of the rings now.


I'm quite sure there are videos all over YouTube of people lighting their tap water on fire. But leaving it at that trivializes the problem behind the phenomenon: for those who live near natural gas extraction points that use a water-intensive method called fracking to get at the fuel, there is NATURAL GAS in the FUCKING WATER!

Gasland is a documentary now airing on HBO about the problem. Here's director Josh Fox on The Daily Show putting the problem in context. This feeds right into the US' ongoing water crisis, and is a wasteful and dangerous process that once again points up the need for renewable energy sources.

But it's still pretty cool to watch someone set tap water on fire.

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With Sam B., It's a Guarantee

Sample from I Know I Am, But What Are You, by The Daily Show's Samantha Bee: "Are you seriously expecting me to jump off this bridge and restrain an erect dolphin?"

One more, describing the type of call she had to make to 90 year-old patients when she worked at a doctor's office that specialized in ED:

"Hello, Mr. Jacobsen, it's Samantha from the men's clinic."

That Foot In Your Ass Show

Happy Fathers Day, everyone!



Not only a bucket of awesome, but also suspiciously similar looking to Satorical's cat -- who now has some serious 'splainin to do.


Drenching. Slaking, Quenching

Every now and then, we actually recommend something useful. Maybe once a year.

Anyway, I'm a distance runner. This is another way of saying I'm reeeeeeeeeally slow. I've run the NYC marathon twice, and am training for my fourth marathon, coming up in September. Besides the races themselves, there are a lot of long training runs involved, and the bottom line is that I end up shuffling my 225-pound ass around for hours. Besides my pole dancing, I also run for long periods of time.


Anyway anyway, I've always eschewed carrying water bottles while running because there's usually water available on any given course. I also thought they would be uncomfortable/slosh around/be another two pounds I didn't want to carry for 4+ hours during a marathon. I am also a fan of frugality.

I have learned the error of my ways. I got off my wallet a couple of weeks ago, and I am here to tell you that having water along with you during extended physical activity is the way to go. Even if it's available on the course, not having to stop for water is an enormous psychological advantage. Moreover, some engineering and design folks have been hard at work over the last 25 years.

When I was in high school (Freshman year, 1985, 10:56 two mile), water bottles were something that held about 12oz of liquid (maybe), mainly designed to fit into bicyclists' holders. And YUMMY! Taste that plastic every time you take a swig! Now, runners/walkers may choose from designs tailored to their tastes: if you like carrying your bottle in your hand, there are handstraps available. I wear a belt like the green one pictured. It's easy to get out and replace, carries 20 oz. of water, fits perfectly in the small of my back, and is made so that carcinogens don't leach out with every sip. There are several companies that make this type of thing: Nathan, Amphipod, and Ultimate Direction among them. They all tend to be ergonomically correct, have a pocket or two for keys/money/energy gels/etc.

Then for the no-lies, out-all-day, I'm a thirsty mofo edition, there is Camelbak. It's a friggin' backpack that carries water, up to 100oz.

I may have to train up to carry it, but don't think I'm not up to it. Someday I'll carry an extra six pounds of water around. I'm fierce like that.


Getting Some Perspective

Sure the BP oil disaster is the worst in US history. But how big is it, exactly? Click here to put it in terms you'll understand immediately.


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