The City Without People

Anyone who's lived in a big city has probably reached that boiling point where they wish all the people around them would just go away and leave. But what would that really be like?

That's the thought behind a new book written by University of Arizona professor Alan Weisman called "The World Without Us."

Click the link to check out an interview where Weisman discusses the fate of NYC without people to live in it, care for it, or keep it from falling apart. Pretty interesting stuff, in an Omega Man/Logans Run sort of way.


The Kaiser said...

Then again you could just go take a look at Chernobyl.

Hex said...

Good point, but are there as many Bob Ross 'happy little trees' over there?

The Kaiser said...

Weirdly enough, yeah. They're just possibly dangerously radioactive happy little trees.


Especially this one:

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