The Internet.

It's about meeting people. Creating connections. Making friends. It's about shiny happy people holding hands.
...Yeah, great.
If you've had your fill of sharing anything with the rest of the world, then we might just have the product you've been looking for.


Fearless Xenophobia

I was wondering when someone would realize that China is kicking our ass in prison labor.


Pretentious Games

If On A Winter's Night A Traveler for the PS2, among others. Who knew?


Film on Film

If it's been a while since you heard the actual clicking of a film projector, it's time to hunt down a screening. With a competent projectionist, the sound and picture quality can be just fine, and there's nothing quite like stepping back 70 years with others in a darkened room for some sepia charm.

Stuff On My Cat

A variant on Oolong.


Fearless Puppetry

Three points I would like to make about this one:
    * I love this song
    * It's kinda sad when puppets rock harder than most bands on the radio
    * I can't help but feel a bit cheated by the fact that I don't live in a country where street performers feature songs by Motorhead.

Fearless Profligacy

Actually, the assistant looks like she has some loathing going on, if not fear.


Fearless Doofiness

Since you're on the Internet, you've likely already heard about Snakes On A Plane. Hex and I would see this in a heartbeat if we weren't holding down different corners of the country.

What's funny about this preview is that the hosting page is advertising for soundtrack contributions. Translation: Sam Jackson and computer snakes ate the budget.


The Birthday Massacre

1 Part Missing Persons
1 Part Nine Inch Nails
1 Part Concrete Blonde
1c crushed 80s dance-o-synthpop (don't cheap out--use the good stuff)

Mix liberally. Sprinkle with American McGee. Top it all off with the bloody bunny from Twilight Zone: The Movie.


I'm pretty sure the Middle East won't like this one either.


More Cartoons That Might Offend the Middle East

You just gotta love that crazy yellow dog with the big nose
...whatever his name is.


Those Wacky Coders

"This application only encodes and decodes 8-bit ASCII text and is for entertainment purposes only."

Junkyard of the Damned


Dead Man Eating

Last meals of executed prisoners. That part of it is interesting. The blog section with rabid pro-death penalty comments is kinda scary.

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