The Friday Smile: One Flew Over the Monster's Nest edition

Hi Satorical & Hex!

I thought you'd like a quick update on the treatment of my Shuffle addiction. I'm sorry that all I could do was email, my therapist found out I had ShuffleMobile on my phone, and they took it away. Otherwise, things aren't too bad here at the institution... though the food isn't very exciting, and they never show any good movies in the common room.

Still, I barely think about Shuffle anymore. I've been reading some great real-crime novels and they've even suggested other educational games to fill the void.

Plus, I've had time to work on all of those projects I've been talking about. I've finished my line of dog costumes, recorded a few songs, and nearly completed a screenplay that will be a real tear-jerker, if we can cast the right star.

The medicine is helping, too... last night I didn't dream about little marbles at all (instead, I was a limo driver in San Francisco. What a nightmare!). I'm sure I'll get plenty of good rest now, as long as that cat doesn't come around.

So overall I'm doing really well. Unless they shuffle things around, I should be able to shuffle out of here in a shuffle of weeks. And who knows? Maybe I'll be able to shuffle this energy into a new talent.

Shuffly Yours,


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