Boomerang (the object, not the e-mail service)

I pulled my boomerang down off the wall last night for the first time in years, and am really excited about throwing in the park. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it. There's something really satisfing and graceful about throwing a boomerang when done correctly. And if you screw up, chasing it is good exercise.


Remembering Board Games

So a new edition of Monopoly eschews paper money for a credit card for each player. Kids won't know the difference, and will probably wonder why the board is necessary in the first place--isn't this a video game too?

Adults will freak out, even though they're unlikely to have played the game in years, or to do so again in the future.

Wait, why did I post this?


My United States of Whateva

What do you mean this site is the last one to hear about this song?

Well how about this -- I say we're the first.
It's been decided.
- I'm the decider.


The Deuce, You Say

Now see, this bothers me. How did we get stuck with the animated bears and their cutesy smiles while England gets this?

ps - if you're not sure what all the fuss is about, perhaps you need some training.


Zidane, The Game

An inspired quickie newsgame.

Flame Wars

If there's one thing I love better than a good rant, it's seeing jerks shot down in flames. Here's a classic.


The Siren Festival

Hoping to see Art Brut. Also hoping to hit the freak show, if there's time. As Coney Island goes corporate a la Times Square, the longevity of the freakshow will be a big question mark.

Almost forgot: watermelon Italian ices on the boardwalk. Yum!

Helping Out

Ok, nothing funny or weird this time. This is a bit closer to home than our Katrina appeal last year. I know from personal contact that Bryan Holtzapple is a completely worthwhile human being. Please take a look at his site and donate if you can.


500pd. Rubberband Ball vs. Car

I'm guessing the car was already a goner before the experiment.



Much potential here. Like a female version of Calvin, through a filter of watercolored anime.


Ad Jamming

If you're a gamer, and want to skip the in-game ads served up by Massive Incorporated (even the name is ominous), the bottom of this page has code that will do so. Fight the Power.

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