Acid Trip in a Can

aka Fanta.

This site is designed to sell orange soda in Mexico. Apparently stereotypical Chinese caricatures help do that.

Thanks to Jeff and Andrew for link and perspective.


The Grilled Cheese Invitational

Apparently we all missed this, and I for one am crushed -- because honestly, a contest where judges and visitors have to choose the best grilled cheese sandwich sounds like effing heaven.

All that's really missing is a big screen TV with the Stanley Cup Playoffs on it, and any sort of easy-chair or couch like napping implement for afterwards.



It was inevitable, really. After years of distressed, pre-ripped jeans, and other ready-made hipster wear, the fact that someone now sells pre-scuffed sneakers should not even be worth mentioning.

Except we are. Fuck these posers. We will continue to fight the fight.

And yes, I realize that people now front instead of pose. Whatever.


If Star Wars Was Real.com

Interesting little site where people submit "photographic evidence" of what history would be like if characters from the Star Wars universe lived, worked, and blew things up among us.

The results range from the out and out lame to some fairly impressive black and white photoshop work.
See what you think!



..it's not for everyone.


Takashi Murakami

Recently The Brooklyn Museum hosted a big party for the opening of what will eventually become a touring showcase of the artwork of Takashi Murakami. A lot of people may not know the name, but would easily recognize the designs he provided for a series of seriously high-dollar Louis Vuitton handbags that apparently made a lot of noise among ..whatever kind of people get excited about designer handbags.

I love the guys work, and have ever since I saw one of his pieces displayed at MoMa when I made a summer visit to the city a while back.

Known in many circles as the "Japanese Andy Warhol" -- his artwork is filled with celebrity and consumer culture themes mixed with Anime and Manga images, which you can check out with the help of this little slide show provided by Slate magazine.

Certainly not the same as being there, but a good introduction to some very cool stuff.


DJ Ramsey

DJ's have made scratching into an art, capitalizing not only on the unique sound of a turntable needle meeting up with a record reversing directions, but also the sounds and grooves that you find on all those great LP's from back in the day.

Of course, the days of long play records are all but over, and have been for a while. So it only stands to reason that there are grooves out there that DJ's would love to use in their work, but don't have access to because they aren't on a record.

Well for one guy at least that isn't a problem. Check this out:


The SNL Sh*t List

These days you either love Saturday Night Live or you don't. There's really not much middle ground left. Either it's the most revolutionary show on TV or it's the most worthless hour of re-hashed crap you can find on the dial. At the same time, it's hard to deny it's impressive history, the number of comedy superstars that have launched their careers there, or the impression it's style of humor has made on the viewing public.

However today I came across an interesting little tidbit -- a listing of guest hosts and performers who have been banned from ever appearing on the show again. Some of the names (and many of the reasons for them being on this blacklist) might surprise you.
Or, if you're like me -- it will make you love John Belushi even more than you already did.

Geeking Out

If there's one thing I've been anticipating for years now, it's the new James Cameron science fiction film set for release in Summer 2009.

Here's a big long geeky interview with the King of the Assholes about the 3D technology used for the film.

Get those 3D glasses ready.


Two Scoops of Dumbass

If you were here a week or so ago, you heard me raving about Photoshop Disasters, this great little site that points out the bad and the really bad in photo-retouching work that appears in newspaper stories, advertising, and on marketing materials.

Well maybe I should have waited a week, because this week they hit it out of the park big time when their eagle-eyed staff came across this interesting little item:

That's right -- not only does each serving of Curves cereal come with 28 grams of whole grain, but it also apparently turns you white.

You Have To Burn The Rope

Really, you do.

Fold-Ins, Past and Present

Very cool interactive feature on the NY Times website offering a retrospective into those great fold-in jokes that Al Jaffee created for MAD Magazine. The majority of these are from the halcyon days before that publication became little more than a movie parody machine. But as many of us remember -- used to be filled with all sorts of subtle social and political jabs in an age before the Internet was a household word.


I'm sorta conflicted here -- because as a kid, I loved Playmobil stuff (especially the pirate ship toys) but when it comes to modern bands composing so-called "pirate ditties" I'm not as sold on this band Camphor as I am on other groups that have gone down that road like say, Primus.

Still, a fun little clip for a Friday morning.



Bad Days for Lady Liberty

Interesting (and apparently still growing) collection of images from comic books, television, movies, and more featuring images of bad things happening to the Statue of Liberty. Not that we're in favor of the old girl getting hurt in any way, but that when it comes to iconic visuals -- From Charleton Heston to Cloverfield, there are few that have gotten more of a workout than this one.

Two things that caught my eye in this collection:
  1. Superman crying like a bitch (?)
  2. A screencap from Thundarr the Barbarian (is that still on somewhere?)



Do You Know What Today Is?

Corporate April Fools jokes are the new black.
A few highlights so far:
* Gmail has introduced a new feature called Gmail custom time that lets you send emails dated whenever you want (ranging all the way back to April 1st, 2004)
* Pizza hut officially changed it's name to Pasta Hut, and spammed it's customers with promotional emails offering special deals on their new "delivery ready" noodle dishes.
* Gawker's decidedly feminist (and truly entertaining) website Jezebel announced that it was being purchased by publishing giant Conde Nast and immediately began posting stories about "must-have fashion accessories."
* O Hell Nawl was overtaken by White People.
* GameSpot began promoting a new version of Rock Band for made exclusively for the PSP
* eMarketer.com announced that the latest trend among teens had to do with forsaking gadgets, video games, and text messaging each other in favor of hanging out with their parents.
* Several bloggers announced the ending/closing/retiring of their blogs, much to the dismay of their commenting readers.
There are tons more examples out there -- which ones have you seen?

No, Wait

This is the song.

This is The Song

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