5 Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

Fascinating article/list from Cracked -- this time identifying and de-bunking the Hollywood mystique around guns in action films.

I'm fascinated by guns, and yet I'm not really a gun guy -- which is to say that I think they're cool, but I have little actual interest/experience with them physically.

As a result, a lot of these facts came as a surprise to me (a few of them I knew, but lets just say that I'm kinda crushed that silencers apparently don't work the way years of TV and movies had me believing they did).



Show Me Your Wiener

--via UnMuse, who saw this gem on TV this morning.


Wes Anderson's God of War

Kinda beside the point, but Nosering girl could so get it.



The Obameter

How about a little good political news for a change?

None More Awesome

I'm not sure whether to laugh at this or stand up, salute, and applaud. It's a collection of photos of Fantasy Van Murals from a fantastic site called Cyclopeatron.

Yes indeed people, these are the guys your dads used to lose chicks to.

..of course there's a Star Wars one, but if you think that guy was the king of the pack, then you clearly haven't met these dudes yet.

Yes, your eyes do NOT deceive you -- that's an airbrushed Neverending Story van. Or as the ladies call it, the panty dropper.

Seriously, how did this trend ever die?


Jobs of the Damned

We know about the comment spam. The latest spammer trick is to actually hire humans to fill out the Captchas required to comment. I can only imagine what the workers are paid per captcha. Pennies, I would imagine.

If I had a kid and he told me he was a spammer, my only response would be "I have no son."

I saw an ad on Craigslist recently advertising for people to do this. Here. In the United States. Think for a moment about what that means about our economy: We have people so desperate for work they will sign up to be human Captcha machines, at competitive prices with Chinese workers.

So anyway, if someone smart knows how to deal with this, please let us know. Until then, spammers, please prove my point.


Wooden Beats

So here's a video of Steve Averill showing off his latest creation, the Spruce Deuce. It's a robot built out of plywood and model airplane servos -- and it plays the drums.

It does so without complaining about you speeding up or dropping beats. It doesn't scoff at your taste in movies, eat all your food, or insist that you listen to French prog bands.

Needless to say, I am utterly perplexed and confused by this technology.

btw -- there's no way I can post this without including the tag line from the site I first saw this on:
"See Spruce Deuce play in the video below before Neil Peart hunts him down and destroys him to absorb his power. I hear every time Peart absorbs another drummer’s power, he adds one more piece to his drum set."

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