The Mosquito

Are there too many punks on your stoop? Get one of these.

Germophobes' Delight

Click this post's title for the Boston version. The New York version shows a guy picking his butt. I guess the product is supposed to prevent the spread of Metrogrippe.


Tom Warnick and the World's Fair

Fearless lyricist with a presence.

Shock and Awe

"I tell you, Lars, our cutting-edge Swedish design can sell anything, ANYTHING!"



This is best reached through the teaser ad animation of a high school graduate freaking out about the future. Regardless, once you get to the site, some interesting animation suggests various career paths for the average high school grad. It's such a pro job that it would be easy to miss that it's an elaborate ad for the Air Force. Oh well. At least it's more realistic than thinking that people will sign up with the military just to get those three free iTunes.

Closer to home, it's mildly distressing to think that Highly Recommended's surfing patterns apparently fit the demographic profile of a directionless teenager...


Meow Tse-Tung

Remember that time you yelled at them for knocking stuff off of your bookshelves?
..yeah, that was probably a mistake


Why Prayers Go Unanswered

Apparently the Post Office is in charge of delivering mail to God. Also, if you want anything from your wish list to Santa this Christmas, you'd better use FedEx.


When Marketers Go Long

When someone needs Schrödinger's Cat to explain a product, unless it travels through time, do not buy.

Scratch that. I saw Primer. Do not buy anything involving Schrödinger, his cat, or their corpses--past, present, or future.



Sometimes known regionally as a skunk ape or Sasquatch, Bigfoot is the leading attention-getter in the oft-maligned field of cryptozoology ('cause hey, it's fun).

Nevermind that the only known documented Bigfoot sighting is the admitted hoax of a man dead for three years now. Lest Nessie, Chupacabra, or some other bullshit gain ground on the furtive furball, the Texas Bigfoot Research center recently held its fifth annual conference. If this pic from the 2001 conference (held on 9/15/2001, mind you) is any indicator, our nation needs more female cryptozoologists. Or maybe the two gals in front fancy them bigfoot hunters...

Still, oratory from the finely-coiffed men of Jefferson, Texas can't hold a candle to the mystery, atmosphere, and all-out Bigfoot Love Fest that is Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues.

Ok, we here at Highly Recommended are officially embarassed. Carry on.




Insanely frustrating yet addictive flash game that provides ultimate evidence to the fact that should the dead ever rise up from the ground with a taste for human flesh and blood, no matter how many bullets you might have on you at the time -- you're basically fucked.


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