Digging the Cool Stuff Early

Ok, here's your chance to know about something super-cool before it goes national. Animator Nina Paley has made a by-all-accounts-amazing movie called Sita Sings the Blues. Unfortunately, she can't get it distributed because she used some copyrighted songs from the 1920s.

Not only does the movie look killer-diller (see trailer below), but Ms. Paley's distribution plan makes for an excellent overview of how new artists earn revenue in the ever-evolving world of digital distribution.


Bad Brains at the Presidential Inauguration

Disclaimer: My father told me never to discuss religion and politics with family or strangers. But I'm breaking the rule.

I hate linking facebook. I'm breaking that taboo.

Because I love the idea of Bad Brains playing Obama's inauguration. It won't happen, but it would be stellar. The only idea that comes close is Public Enemy and in light of Flava Flav's clown prince roles on Flavor of Love, bringing down the PE credibility, I'll go with Bad Brains back in DC on inauguration night. I know they played election night, and even if they don't play the inauguration- maybe they'll play DC on that historic evening.

Banned in DC


Paying the Piper

Sometimes movies pose unanswered rhetorical questions that are really offensive.

Exhibit A: In The Sound of Music, perfect-pitched nuns ask sweetly "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" Judging by the movie's resolution, the answer is "Marry Her Off."

But Wendell Jamieson of The New York Times goes one further. He's found a plothole in the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life:

What about that banking issue? When he returns to the “real” Bedford Falls, George is saved by his friends, who open their wallets to cover an $8,000 shortfall at his savings and loan brought about when the evil Mr. Potter snatched a deposit mislaid by George’s idiot uncle, Billy (Thomas Mitchell).

But isn’t George still liable for the missing funds, even if he has made restitution? I mean, if someone robs a bank, and then gives the money back, that person still robbed the bank, right?

I checked my theory with Frank J. Clark, the district attorney for Erie County upstate, where, as far as I can tell, the fictional Bedford Falls is set. He thought it over, and then agreed: George would still face prosecution and possible prison time.

“In terms of the theft, sure, you take the money and put it back, you still committed the larceny,” he said. “By giving the money back, you have mitigated in large measure what the sentence might be, but you are still technically guilty of the offense.”

He took this a bit further: “If you steal over $3,000, it’s a D felony; 2 ½ to 7 years is the maximum term for that. The least you can get is probation."

Now we know.

Sock and Awe

At a recent press conference, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi threw his shoe at George W. Bush during a recent press conference, a move that is considered one of the highest insults you can make towards someone in that culture.

And while opinions and reactions to the incident have varied, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who quietly thought to himself,
"Why didn't I think of that?"
Luckily for you, the Internet has come through (just as we knew it would) with the video game version of the incident.

Maybe it's because I'm not Bush's biggest fan -- but it's a lot more addictive than it probably should be.


How Addicted Are You?

Interesting little quiz here for the movie lovers among us. The basic idea is this: Sure you love the movies you love and quote your favorite lines and all, but how many classic films have you actually seen?

There's a long list of films here spanning from the present to the earliest days of cinema, and all you have to do is check off whether you've actually watched them or not. At the end you click a button and your score is tabulated (I came out with 69.6%).

Knowing Monster, Satorical, and Wernda as I do -- I get the feeling that my score is easily beatable, but it's an interesting exercise in realizing that there are a bunch of films I've read about and know a lot about that I've actually never watched.

I will also caution you that some of the more modern choices that are on this list qualify as head-scratchers (In Bruges??) -- which makes the film nerd in me a little agitated that my score was somehow negatively affected by my choice not to watch Colin Farrel try to be funny.

But as with all lists, it's a subjective thing -- and being that it's all in the spirit of fun, it's not worth really freaking out about.


Mining the Chestnuts

One thing to love about the Web is the extended life it gives to really great work. Here's a 1996 short that's getting a whole new audience thanks to the FutureShorts channel on YouTube. Beware the double-cross, er, triple-cross, um, quad-ah, forget it.

Props to Dorie at Clicking? for the find.



It's hard to put into words just how cool this is.

Here's what you're going to see when you click on the link: A crappy television set complete with rabbit ears, a remote control with only five buttons (channel up/down, volume up/down, and an option to make the playback fullscreen) and a classic issue of TV guide.

For those of you who might be a little too contemporary to get the joke, here's how it works. Much like days gone by, you check the TV Guide to see what's on, and then you use the buttons on the remote to try and find the appropriate channel. Some of them show up, some of them don't (which was always the worst part of being a part of that era in technology -- knowing something you might like to watch is on, but having no possible way where your house was situated to tune it in).

The volume controls work. The commercials are awful. The static won't go away. And, as many of us remember -- during Christmas season the only thing you got to see was ultra-schlocky Christmas versions of the shows that were normally on (a practice that still happens today on the networks, but with the vast expanses of cable isn't a month-long trap the way it used to be).
The other day all I could tune in was the Christmas episode of Perfect Strangers.
And just like the old days, instead of going outside and playing or, I don't know -- reading a book, I watched Balki in a Santa suit butchering every joke.

The only thing missing is a way to hit the side of the set to try to "help clear up the signal" (or perhaps the broken channel-changing dial with the pair of vice-grips attached to it).

Another cool feature that I've discovered since I've first stumbled across this thing is that just like old-time TV, the shows that were on last week aren't on this week, and unlike modern programming practices, there's basically no chance to see them on repeat broadcasting later in the day. In other words, if you missed it -- you truly missed it, which then (for some reason) you actually felt bad about when you realized all the other kids at school had seen it.

Let me be clear about something, though. Watching TV like this sucked ass. But it was all we had, and we fought tooth and nail for the chance to do it. In that sense, what makes this site great is that it recalls that suckiness and somehow makes it feel nostalgic and sweet.

Fortunately, after about 10 minutes I remembered how frustrating TV like this was, and came back from the visit with this particular ghost of Christmas past with a renewed appreciation for the improvements in equally vapid programming that we have today.


Fuck You, Penguin

It's a blog where some guy tells off cute animals.
-- The cuter they are, the madder he gets.

The word "awesome" doesn't even begin to describe the awesome.



The first time I saw this I said to myself, "This has to be useful ..to someone."

Admittedly, the sheer amount of stuff heaped across the page at CEOExpress seems well planned and organized to give busy people easy access to much more information than they could possibly use at any given time. And yet that seems to also be the problem -- because there's simply sooo much here that it's hard to know where to even start.

I also found myself sort of cringing when I discovered the "sister site" to this thing -- called Execudiva (complete with a high-heel icon that just sort of screams "The Sexism is OVER HERE! Click this link and then go make me a sandwich!")

Of course it's pretty clear that this thing isn't aimed at me -- but even I can't deny the possible usefulness of this particular linkdump (even if they did somehow forget to add a link to HRToTM).


Catch the Frak Up

Like a lot of people, I enjoyed watching the new-fangled Battlestar Galactica when it came out a few years ago. But I haven't really been keeping up with it the way I should, and now several seasons later I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on.

Fortunately, I discovered this, and now I guess I know everything.
I still don't really know what the hell is going on, but I laughed a bunch.

ps -- the vid is 13 minutes long. Pack a lunch.


Prop 8: The Musical

If you ask me, this is a better joke about musical theater than it is about Prop 8, but it needs to be said (again and again and again until they fix it) -- and if nothing else, Jesus shows up -- and I'm hoping for a good Christmas, so I'm kissing butt until the 25th.


The Fall

Odds are good you didn't see this. If so, fix that.


listening to stories at the moth

A pretty eclectic collection of verbal stories by many different people. Some authors, radio personalities, performance artists and the like do short stories.

Available here:


or search for the moth on itunes podcasts. It is a bit hit and miss, but the few that I listened to were great stories. To me they fit a short drive or train ride better than the audio books that I often listen to as each one is self contained.


The Ugly Sweater Store

Let's just be honest here -- It doesn't really get all that cold here in Florida. We get some chilly nights and windy days, but any Floridian out and out complaining about winter is full of it.
But that doesn't stop people here from buying sweaters.
And now, I finally know where they got them all -- The Ugly Sweater Store. Here you can shop, buy, and even learn to care for your ugly sweater so it can be worn year after year.
Which people here do, regardless of how hot it gets.


Happy Thanksgiving from HRTOTM

If you're lucky, you've been spending this day with friends and loved ones. Sure some of the traditions are hokey, and once in a while having to spend time with your relatives can be a pain in the butt -- but believe me when I say that these times, even with the possible tense moments are few, and they are precious.

Much like this moment -- which, if you didn't see it, may be the coolest thing to happen to this holiday since Turkey.

What you're looking at is a Macy's Day parade float celebrating Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a vastly underrated Cartoon Network show created by Craig McCracken, the guy who invented Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls..

FHFIF hasn't been on the air for a while, so that should have been your first clue that something was up -- but could anyone have predicted something as cool as this, live on network TV?


Coverville, if you're like into podcasts

I like covers of songs I know. Pop songs, obscure songs, new songs, old songs. And I'm exploring podcasts recently, so there maybe other HROTM items from my podcast browsing... and of course I found Coverville. Coverville is a podcast, produced three times a week, that focuses on cover songs - a new rendition of a previously recorded song. The show is produced and hosted by Brian Ibbott, who has done some 500+ of these episodes consisting of six songs or so. It is amazing that he gets it done so regularly. Some of the episodes appeal to my tastes more than others, here is one recent one that I really like:

Coverville James Bond Themes II

The Aimee Mann version of Nobody Does It Better was really a great listen. There is some Art of Noise, some other covers of classic James Bond songs by artists I wasn't as familiar with- some great, some comedic to me. They have MP3 downloads at the coverville site or you can subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcast software.


The Atlasphere

Having trouble with the dating scene? Tired of all the games and the BS? Perhaps what you need is the help of an online dating site. But not just any old site -- no, no, you need something different.

Enter The Atlasphere, a new niche dating site made specifically to bring together (..wait for it)
Admirers of Ayn Rand Novels.
A concept so utterly singular, bizarre, and frankly frightening in the sort of mental imagery of the kind of people who might be lurking around in a dating site designed to (if a successful match is made between members) launch the romance between people destined to be by far the MOST ANNOYING FAKE-INTELLECTUAL A-HOLE COUPLE YOU'LL EVER HOPE TO CLAIM TO BE TOO BUSY TO HANG OUT WITH WHEN THEY CALL.

Seriously, Ayn Rand people in love? One of them might be cool -- a good springboard for conversation and debate. But two of them?


Attractive Girls Union Refuses To Enter Into Talks With Mike Greenman

Getting Psyched

It's been a long time since I have been truly excited about a movie. Now there are two to get truly amped about: Avatar, and this:


The Assasins Wife Premiere

Local filmmaker Daniel R. Solomon will be premiering his new film "The Assassin's Wife" tonight at Sneaker's Sports Grille in Jacksonville.

Starring Judit Fekete and Nick Shepherd, this exciting new film is the result of a collaboration between Jacksonville-based film industry professionals Kirby Hamilton, Herman Mceachin, Laura Hamilton, Andy Howell, Dianne Cohan, Ryan Shannon, Jennifer Smith, Bob Clifford, Monique Alexandra, Jon Whitford, Dale Dickison, and Scott Whittier

Doors will open at 7:30 pm and the screening will begin at 8 pm.

If you're living in the Jacksonville area and interested in attending this event, please contact Dan Solomon to RSVP.


When You're Hot You're Hot

When it first starts you're happy for the kid. Then things start to get rolling and you can't help but get swept up in the excitement of it all. Then as the pattern emerges you start to get a little pissed off. And by the time you realize how it's gonna turn out you sort of want to punch him.

Not bad for your birthday, kid. Not bad at all.

PS -- I know it was an exciting moment, and Drew Carey's personality is sort of geeky to begin with, but that victory dance around the yellow car? ..Priceless.


Highly Recommended: San Francisco Edition

A couple of weeks ago I got to visit a friend in San Francisco. As anyone who knows her will attest, she is the embodiment of the Highly Recommended Thing of the Moment, on a lifelong mission to find, enjoy, and share great stuff and experiences with everyone she knows.

In four days we did not lack for good food or activity. There are a zillion travel guides to San Francisco, but this is a bit different:

Burmese food: Burma Superstar & B-Star are the hottest Burmese restaurants in town, and B-Star apparently has the best dessert going. But unless you're going specifically for dessert, avoid the hour-plus wait, and head instead to Mandalay. There you'll have the best tea leaf salad in the city. Recipes for this salad, prepared tableside with minced tea leaves, peanuts, roasted garlic, and other crunchy wonderments, are apparently guarded as family heirlooms. Worth fighting over.

Rae Ann's big hobby is jewelry making. She has a friend whose creations are being used in fashion shows and worn by the likes of Anne Hathaway. Her friend got us into a fashion show sponsored by Gen Art. Guys: if someone ever asks you to go to a fashion show, don't even blink: GO. What's not to like? Even if you think haute couture is an excuse not to make real art, or on a more basic level, that you'll turn into a girl, you need to go. The majority of the audience is female, and they're all hot.

The show was ok. One of the highlights was a funny menswear line with removable button-on pockets. The other was a collection of chiffon dresses that were about a foot too long for any of the models. We totally thought one of them would buy it while trying to walk in their Louisa Parris bustyourasswear.

Halloween night we went to a gallery opening, with many people in costume. There was a Frida Kahlo who gave Selma Hayek a run for her money. The opening at Velvet Da Vinci was for pendants, including this brain-bending piece. How the artist welded all of the rings together without it becoming a melted mess is beyond me.

There was also some outright art:

And then this:

The picture is the size of a quarter. It's a mosaic. It's as if Seurat worked in femtoclay instead of paint, and took his scale in the opposite direction. Phenomenal.

Other SF highlights: Blue Mountain Coffee at the farmer's market on the Embarcadero on Saturdays. Running over the Golden Gate Bridge.

This very California sign:

And last but not least, a chocolate donut from Bob's Donuts to make Homer Simpson proud:

On a side note, I have started a project which will consume my nights and weekends at least through February. If you don't see any posts from me 'til then, you'll know what's up. In the meantime, Hex, Monster, and Werdna will keep you hooked into what you need to know right this moment.

New Environs for Thin T-Shirts

Forget immigrants. In this economy, honest hard-working Americans may have to face competition for jobs from the threat within.


100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes

Straight up, if you think there might be a movie in here that you don't want to have the ending of ruined, then DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO. On the other hand, if you've seen your share of movies over the years and already know those endings, you gotta check this out.


Join the Impact!

This Saturday, November 15th there will be a Nationwide protest against the passing of Proposition 8 in California -- which not only bans gay marriage in that state, but effectively nullifies the scores of such unions that have already taken place in the last few years. While clearly the most visible proposition on the offer, Prop 8 is by no means the only state referendum dealing with this issue -- similar propositions passed in other states (including Florida) as well.
Speaking personally, It's embarrasing that this sort
of discrimination can still take place in our society.
Please lend your support to this extremely important protest by using this site to find the times and locations for the protest in your area.



Get in on this one early before it jumps itself.


R.E.M. Beat The Intro

How well do you know the R.E.M. discography? Here's a game to test your skills -- you have to try and name the REM song based off the first few seconds of the game. The bad news here is that if you miss one, the game is over.

I would have obviously been better off if the game was called "Anthrax Beat the Intro" -- but I actually got one right, which -- considering the fact that I was never the biggest REM fan in the world means it's probably a good test for those of you who know them a little better.

Here's hoping they do this with more bands. It's a fun idea.


this isn't happiness.™

Here's a new-ish Tumblr blog that's getting a lot of pub lately. It's a collection of varied images, photographs, paintings, etc. that all tend to tell a story in themselves.

And if this picture doesn't fully explain what I mean, then you need to check your pulse.

Movie Mash-Ups

Remakes are old news. What's hot now are mash-ups. Two existing movies made into one new one. How can you lose?


Hey, Have you heard?

80’s Cartoons Quiz

I'm not gonna lie here -- they go deep into the well on this quiz and pull out some names that I hadn't heard in a long, long time. Yeah, you get some Smurfs, JEM, and Voltron action, but the curveballs they toss in after that are sick. I feel lucky I only missed one, and I flat-out guessed on a bunch of these.

An 80's Cartoon Quiz

Score: 93% (14 out of 15)

Today's Front Pages

As you might expect, it takes a while for all the images to load -- but considering the historic event that took place last night, it's worth it.


Oh Man, I Was Worried About This

Free Starbucks Coffee if You Vote

Like you need any more motivation to exercise your rights today, but the folks over at Starbucks want you to know that if you vote you can have a free cup of their awful cofee.

I know a lot of people like it, so I shouldn't snark -- but if only you're in this civic process for the swag, I might actually prefer that your ass stays home.
Seriously -- Just Go Vote.
ps - The recycled paper looking backdrop to the animated words is an interesting touch. Was this film made with recycled flash?


9 Most Bizarre Crispin Glover Moments

Only 9?

If Only It Were This Easy

Takes a while to load, but it's totally worth it
Much love to OHN, where this was first seen.

Highly Recommended Ebert of the Ebert

I know we keep jocking the guy, but he just keeps killing it.


Highly Recommended Horror for your Hallowed Holiday

When a day comes along where the average person has completely acceptable excuses for:
・ eating copious amounts of candy,
・ dressing like a fool,
・ talking about something other than the upcoming election, and
・ feeding the aforementioned need for all things zombie...

... that day is going to be Highly Recommended. But maybe the bestest best thing about Halloween is that it's a chance to dust off those horror movies - the good, the bad, the way-too-scary-for-a-weekday-evening film selections that seem to need an excuse of their own.

So here at HRTotM, we've banded together to give you a good selection of our favorite horror films to watch as you prepare your tricks and treats. Enjoy, but remember... DON'T GO IN THERE!


I've never really been into the guts and the gore - Jason and Freddy never did it for me back in the day and Eli Roth certainly doesn't do it for me now. My sleepless nights are usually the result of the psychological horror flick - the one that crawls into your head and messes with you by forcing you to put yourself in those pictures, by encouraging your mind to go down roads you'd just as soon leave overgrown and unexplored. Hitchcock, of course, was the MASTER at this, and I could probably just list a ton of his films right here and be done. But for my money, the movie that most clearly crawled into my consciousness and took a firm hold was David Fincher's Se7en. Most films like this get to me after some reflection - I'm on the way home from the theater, mulling over the characters or the particularly good lines or the lighting or whatever, and something resonates and stays humming for weeks and weeks. Se7en, though, had me so worked up during the film, that (as little spoilage as possible here, in case there's somebody on the planet that's missed it so far) toward the end, when the killer intones "I can't wait for you to see what I've done," I tried to leave. It was only due to my sense of good theater citizenship, my long legs, and my friend's refusal to get the hell out of my way that I stayed for the mind-enema that was the ending. There are lots of good clips I could post, but the opening sequence maybe showcases Fincher's genius the most - it primed me for an amazing flick the first time and it gets me stoked for what's to come still to this day.


There are so many shitty horror movies it makes me sad. There are perhaps 50 good ones and a dozen sublime ones. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is somewhere in there. I saw it during the day with the sun shining in through the windows when I was 27, and I still had to steel myself through the whole thing because it was so fucking relentless. The original Dawn of the Dead is super-smart, hilarious, and truly disturbing all at the same time.

But for me, even those two movies take a backseat compared with the brilliance that is Halloween. What made this movie fantastic was that, like Alien, it was more of a suspense movie than a gorefest. There is actually very little blood in Halloween compared with most any other horror movie. I probably first saw this when I was about 10, by staying up late and watching HBO on the sly from my folks. I only watched snippets before getting freaked out. Even as an adult, however, with the lights off, this is a scary movie. A fairly low-budget flick, there are not tons of creature effects, but long stretches of silence and normalcy, as the characters go blithely about their lives. The audience sees occasional glimpses of The Shape, and knows something bad is coming, but not exactly what. When night falls, the 70s isolation of suburban streets is as much an enemy as The Shape himself: phones can't be dialed fast enough, and there aren't enough cars on the road or people around to notice when someones gone missing until it's too late.

Finally, the music, by director John Carpenter himself, is about as simple as it gets: a creepy melody for the theme at the beginning, and only pounding single low piano notes as The Shape comes home.

In a time when so many movies are viewed in tiny increments as some type of living room wallpaper, this is one that demands uninterrupted viewing of its 90 minutes, in the dark. Turn it up loud, and let the movie work on you.


For Halloween movies, I'm under qualified. First, I like Dracula films (Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing might be my favorite of those, the Bela Lugosi film is better cinema but not as much fun).

I also like Army of Darkness, but it is as campy as they come... Does the Bride with White Hair count as horror? I thought that would be fun to watch on Halloween.

I'm so bad at Halloween movies. I guess I could go with the Nightmare before Christmas, or is that a Christmas movie? Maybe I'm not cut out for the Halloween retrospective.


The question that always comes back for me when I consider horror movies is -- "Does it stay with you?" Is there something about the scares that a movie delivers that finds it's way into your secret fears. What made Halloween so lasting in my opinion is not only the suspense factor that Satorical spoke about, but the scenes where you'd see a shadowed hallway and then suddenly a shaft of moonlight would reveal that The Shape was standing there the whole time with a huge knife -- and then the next afternoon you'd realize that there were plenty of dark corners in the place you lived, and the first thing that jumped into your mind was the idea that some silent maniac could be hiding in one of them.

It's the way that certain vulnerabilities are presented to us through horror films that make our skin crawl. This to me is also the reason the genre has taken such a dive lately, because it's all too easy to just present people with images of things that they dislike, and turn it into a deathtrap (there's a scene in SAW II involving a pit of used hypodermic needles that a person has to dig through to find a key. The idea creeps me out because I don't like needles, but luckily I don't have a pit of needles in my apartment, so the discomfort of the scene is over as soon as the movie ends).

The things that stay with me the most are the situations where the things you trust become the things you need to fear. Films where the killer is among you, or the threat is within. Which is why for my money, despite the fact that it's special effects are starting to look a little dated -- the psychological component of John Carpenter's The Thing cannot be topped for pure jump out of your seat fun. Parts of that movie are so subtle that they make the shocks that follow seem like deeper cuts.

Plenty of movies have tried to re-use this formula along the way, but all too often when the plot turns from "trying to figure out the problem" to the "team up to fight back against the bad guy" theme it becomes utterly unbelievable and over-actiony.

What this movie does so well is take characters who seem to have their stuff together and push them to a point where they can't be trusted -- even if they're not the alien. You never really know who to trust, exemplified by an ending that implies an even bigger battle for survival between the two toughest guys in the camp that Carpenter leaves hanging for us to consider, but never actually resolves -- leaving the door open not so much for a sequel, but for the worry that one of them actually made it out of that place alive -- meaning the thing might still be among us.

Of course there are many more great scare films to choose from out there -- so if we've left out your favorite, feel free to tell us about it in the comments!

Dead Walking in their Masquerade

It frightens me (no pun intended), but we're fast approaching the time when zombies are mainstream. They've already graduated from the relative obscurity that is the regard of niche-horror movie fans, and they've got a firm death grip on that sort-of acceptable underground cool movement. If dressing up like a Star Trek character makes you a nerd, but a Darth Vader bobblehead on your desk just makes you a geek, then zombies have entrenched themselves firmly in the geek-o-sphere. But the movement is growing, and I'm worried that somehow MTV is going to get involved. Or a CBS reality show. In short, it feels like zombies are about to go all Hot-Topic on us.

For the time being, though, the undead are undeniably awesome. And even though it acts as a good example of the coming mainstream doom of the genre, there's something special about 880 people in Austin - doing the thriller dance.


You need a Mac for it to work (Windows version coming soon), but here's a cool idea -- import pictures from your digital camera into this app to change them into a ready-to-print Polaroid-style output.

And how's this for authentic -- you only get to do 10 treatments per software session, just like the number of exposures you were limited to with the old film cartridges.

My New Favorite Band

Mute Math.

Filled with awesome.

They're out of New Orleans- you can check the bio here:




Truthful Title Cards

Instead of starting your favorite TV shows with those boring old title cards that give you the name of a given show, how about a little dose of truth?


Becoming the Whedon Geek

Let me get a few things out of the way here before I begin.

1) Kristy Swanson is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I hear that TV show was good but it didn't have Kristy Swanson so I never really got too interested.

2) Yes, I made fun of Firefly once. Well, a lot, but it was all contained into a single weekend. I have since apologized and I say again, I'm both really stupid and really sorry.

3) I owe our readers another apology, because I recommended Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to everybody I know, but as far as I can tell, didn't do so here. Again, stupid and sorry.

All of that said, Joss Whedon is a geek's dream come true. He's reverent about all the right things but seemingly cares little about mainstream critical acclaim or overt, large-scale commercial success. He has a solid fan base that are just excited to see what he thinks of next, and he seems equally excited to deliver it.

"It", in this case, is a new series called Dollhouse. It's a FOX mid-season replacement (which is a sick plot twist in and of itself), about some super-secret operatives whose missions are so sensitive that the operatives themselves get their brains scrubbed after having done the deed.

That sounds pretty cool, maybe a little too Alias-y for good measure on face value.. but this is Joss Whedon we're talking about. It's scheduled to start in January and run on Mondays before 24... probably with less torture, but who knows?

Oh, and did I mention who is playing the lead?

Eliza Dushku as a cover secret agent? Joss Whedon's brainchild? Another chance to hate Fox when they inevitably screw it up?

I'm on board.


The PeevePile

Is there something that really annoys you? Post it in the Peevepile -- a website where people are encouraged to let fly with the things that drive them nuts.

One note -- Hopefully one of your peeves isn't the color pink, because for whatever reason, they've got A LOT of it happening over there.


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

As predicted, John McCain's odd little tongue wag at the end of the final debates was simply too much temptation for the Photoshop nation to resist. Like any other doctored-photo meme, some of the results aren't really worth writing home about -- but there are some classics in here.

Lots more on the page to see.

Rockin' Out 1987-Style

Here's a little Billy and the Boingers to get you through the week.


Hopefuls Roasting Hopefuls

Every year the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner is held in New York as a fundraiser for Catholic charities. It's been a campaign stop in election years since the 60's - and recent years have seen some pretty humorous speeches from the candidates.

Typically these things don't really do it for me... the speeches are carefully crafted to be funny without being risky. They're written well and are usually pretty humorous, but they generally come across like a blues album by Rush - all the right pieces, none of the right screw-ups.

So maybe it's just because we've been inundated with the specially crafted campaign messages more than normal this time around, or maybe it's that as a moderate democrat I can't help but kinda like John McCain too, or maybe it's just that this year, they were ACTUALLY funny.

But I laughed, a lot.

McCain speaks:

(the video poster stuck some anti-Obama ads at the end, sorry about that, it was the only place I could find the whole thing)

...and then Obama speaks:

If only we could give a pass to the entire election arena and allow all of the discourse to be candid and real - then you wouldn't need Leo DiCaprio and Sarah Silverman to tell young people to vote.

Lottery Fantasies

It's election time, which means free money for everyone! Click the link below to see what the candidates' proposed tax plans mean for you:


Please note that by the time the actual budget is passed and the total bailout costs accounted for, this won't mean squat.


Staying in Character

The best moment of last night's debate was right after it ended. As both candidates got up to leave, McCain finally exhaled, visibly relieved that the debate was over. Really visibly relieved:

I expect someone to Photochop this into McCain as Godzilla on the rampage by the end of the day.


Upside Down Dogs

The day has come: Dogs are finally making their move.

Cat humor has ruled the Internet for as long as most of us can remember. Sure you'll see a dog joke here and there, but it's always been sort of a paltry second banana to the sheer force of funny cat gags. But now, today -- right effing now the people over at upsidedowndogs.com are taking a stand.

No mas.

And it's hard to argue with the cuteness of these opening salvos, or the love it's getting from ALL corners of the web (Satorical, remember that email I sentcha? yeah, I figured out why I wasn't getting any replies..).

So if you've got a dog, and you've been frustrated at the way you've been left out of the Internet animal funny picture game, now is the time. Get your camera, flip your pooch, and get in on the ground floor, because this one is gonna be bigger than hula hoops.

Oh Boy

This certainly explains a lot.


"The REAL Real Barack Obama"

Looks like McCain's finally found something he can use against Obama:

Stick around to the end, it's worth it.

Sarah's Smash Shack

Why, why, why do they not have one of these here?

Here's the basic idea: You go into this store. You sign up, pay your fee ($25 bucks for a basic session. Group discounts.), put on some protective gear (goggles, jumpsuit, whatever) and then you go into one of two private rooms where you are able to THROW, SMASH, and DESTROY an array of breakable objects without fear of reprisal. They even have a way to put music from your MP3 player on the speakers in the room where you're going berserker.

You're even allowed to BRING IN YOUR OWN STUFF to break.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

As a matter of fact, we just added a new team member who lives in San Diego where this thing is. I feel a need for a correspondent report. Hell, I feel a need for a road trip.


Hey, Wanna Play Some Plinko?

Let's be honest here -- If I ever got on The Price is Right, Plinko is the game I'd want to play. It's easy, you've got a shot at big money, and there's no wacky choices involved where you could screw yourself out of some big prize by choosing the mystery box.

So yeah, if I was there -- I'd want to play me some Plinko.
But um.. clearly not anywhere as much as this woman does.


CERN's Large Hadron Collider Webcam

Not as directly informative as some other sites on the subject, but still worth a peek.

I promise.

The 8 Phases of Dating

Slightly bitter version of the same relationship joke people have been telling for years (albeit with a few more poop jokes this time around).
Still worth a smile, though.


O's for Obama

Sometimes there are events that can only really happen in New York. Sometimes there are events that can only happen in Florida. And then there are the things that you hear about them and you instantly know they came from somewhere else.

Thus it is with O's for Obama -- described as a one-of-a-kind Obama rally and fundraiser as only San Francisco could produce.

There will be DJs, all-night dancing, sensual performances, and the main event of the evening,
An Orgasmic breathing experience.
So apparently there aren't going to be O's for Obama -- as much as there are gonna be oh-oh-ohhhs, in form of a guided breath-gasm experience (!?) lead by by one Destin Gerek, who is apparently.. or that is to say he is most famous for.. um, you might remember him from...
Well really does it even matter who the hell he is?
ps - No word if Destin is going to be leading any "Mmmmm's for McCain" rallies anytime soon, but honestly -- I'm not even sure I'd want to know who might show up at that one.


Google's Mail Goggles

As technology makes us more an more accessible to one another, it carries the unfortunate burden of, well, making us more and more accessible to one another. Let's face it - there are times when it would be a good idea if you didn't have a way to immediately contact your current or former lover, or his or her best friend, or anybody's mom.

And while they haven't invented anything to keep your cell phone in your pocket, Google has unveiled a nifty new gmail feature that might keep you from drunk-emailing.

When it's enabled, gmail will allow you to compose your scathing commentary on how he/she never really cared about you and your friends at the bar/rave/common room are the only ones that really understand you - but when you click "send"...

...math problems. Several of them that you have to complete in a minute. If you can't, you should wait.

I suspect this would be particularly useful before composing emails that might one day be important.

Educated Finger in the Wind

We all know that the popular vote doesn't mean squat in the US Presidential election. If you don't know why, ask Al Gore.

That's why when most polls ask people who they would vote for, and one guy is leading by 8 points or whatever, it doesn't tell you a whole lot. The polls need to say something about electoral college totals to signify who will actually win.

The problem with most electoral polls, though, is that they can be off, either through bias or poor methodology. FiveThirtyEight works to create a more accurate picture by examining a wide variety of electoral polls, weighting them based on their merits, and thereby coming up with a more robust set of numbers. Scroll down the right side of the page to see the state-by-state poll results; there are 35 separate polls considered for battleground state Ohio.

As of 10/6/2008, this is how 538 calls it.

However, after the last two elections, I'm taking nothing for granted.


Hoping Roger Ebert Lives Forever

Both Hex and I love Ebert. Here's yet another reason why:

Movie Answer Man
BY ROGER EBERT / September 11, 2008

Q. Yo dude, u missed out on "Disaster Movie," a hardcore laugh-ur-@zz-off movie! Y U not review this movie!? It was funny as #ell! Prolly the funniest movie of the summer! U never review these, wat up wit dat?

S.J. Stanczak, Chicago 

A. Hey, bro, I wuz buzier than $#i+, @d they never shoed it b4 hand. I peeped in the IMDb and saw it zoomed to #1 as the low$ie$t flic of all time, wit @ lame-@zz UZer Rating of 1.3. U liked it? Wat up wit dat?

Getting Geeky

For the Netflix freaks out there who hate instant viewing in Internet Explorer, IE Tab is a Firefox add-on that toggles an IE engine in Firefox. Presto! You can watch Netflix instant movies in FF. You're welcome.

The real news, of course, is that Netflix says instant viewing is coming to the Mac before the end of the year. Woohoo!

If you're still reading, Hacking Netflix is full of geeky wonderment for Netflix users.

NSFW Sunday Guilt Trip

It's dumb that in order for an issue to have credibility, people who are exceptionally good at faking everything need to weigh in.

However, it's appropriate, it's a little raw, it's maybe what we need.

Voting is highly recommended.



Also, (a day too late) this.


Michael Bay Wants Things to Be Awesome

Normally I'm the first one in line to pile on this guy, but I have to admit it's sorta cool to see Michael Bay poking fun at himself here.

Perhaps he's actually writing his own twitter feed too?


xkcd: Improvised

xkcd never fails to amuse, but I thought this was worth a share.

Catching Up

This is another case of trying to make up for having missed something incredibly great. While boning up on Superjail, which is so good I almost want cable, I came across this, which is exactly what it says it is.


Your New Favorite Musicians

Danielia Cotton is probably about 5'2", with an arena-filling voice. Gigantic sound. She'll restore your faith in pop.

Viva Mayday is protest reggae rock. Incredibly listenable, with a message. (Werdna, you'll be all over them).


John Joseph's autobiography. This man, frontman for the Cro-Mags in the 80s, grew up in foster homes and on the streets of New York when junkies and gangs ruled. This is a fantastic story of overcoming horrible circumstances. 

Revelations: Dave Mustaine used to be an asshole (big shock), Annie Lennox' first husband was a Hare Krsna, and the Bad Brains were the best punk band going. No surprise there at all.

A great read. Get it.


6 Baffling Mistakes Every Movie Criminal Makes

Although the guys over at Cracked.com have sort of run the list meme thing into the ground, they still have the talent to make them entertaining on occasion. Check out this listing of the dumb things movie criminals do that always trip them up in the end.


The Font Conference

The thing about this is that once you see the name you sort of already know the joke, and because it's such an obvious gag you'd think it wouldn't really have much to offer -- but there were a few moments in this that caught me off guard and had me laughing out loud.

PS - not for nothing, but how hard is it to do a French accent? Is this really the best guy you could find?


Dead Man's Switch

You know that bit in movies when the hero/bad guy under duress says "I have everything documented, and if anything happens to me, the police/your wife/all the major news organizations will be notified"?

Well now, you can be that guy. Or you can fess up to all your friends about your postsecret, post mortem.

From the site:
This is how this works. You write a few e-mails, and choose the recipients. These emails are encrypted with military-grade algorithms, so you can be sure that no-one except the intended recipient will ever read them. Your switch will email you every so often, asking you to show that you are fine by clicking a link. If something were to... happen... to you, your switch would then send the emails you wrote to the recipients you specified. Sort of an "electronic will", one could say.

Internets, we love you.


The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Cool joke. Awful interface. I know sometimes people just want to get to the point without all the fluff, but you literally have to find this on the page. How hard would it be to design a little frame around the thing?

ps -- If Sarah Palin was my mother, she'd name me "Quarter Granite Palin."


Ben Kingsley Sings Minor Threat

There's awesome, and then there's super awesome. And this guy had been knighted, so it's actually more like Sir Super Awesome, Knight of the Realm. Rock on, Gandhi.



Umbrella Today?

World's simplest weather report. Exactly what you needed to know.


NSFW Sunday: F***ing Seth Rogan

I like Kevin Smith. At the time it came out, Clerks was so unexpected, so raw and in a strange way pure that it made it hard not to like the people involved. He followed that up with a string of hits and misses, cameo appearances in other people's movies and speaking tours that help keep his spirit and face alive in the pop culture eye, even when his films fail to find wide success.

At the same time, as someone who really liked some of his early work -- I hate to say that I've been really disappointed with some of his more recent efforts. Clerks 2 was sort of a waste of my time because it sort of felt mailed in, like a soft attempt to recapture the fun of the original that never really came close except for the level of profanity involved.

Now he's got a new movie on the way, and with it comes the inevitable viral marketing campaign. And when you consider that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been friends of Smith's for a long time -- it only makes sense that something like this might follow.


The Sticky Note Experiment

Thus far it's been a really boring day at work, which means I probably shouldn't have watched this:

If you can't shake the feeling that the guys in the video look familiar, pat yourself on the back -- because they're the guys from Eepybird -- the same one's who first put Mentos in the Diet Coke bottles way back when. That was an experiment I immediately wanted to try for myself, and this one is no different.



Christopher Walken is a talented and unique dramatic actor who has played a series of pivotal roles in a number of critically acclaimed, award-winning films. I feel this is an important thing to say, because if (got forbid) the man dropped dead tomorrow -- I'm pretty sure his gravestone would have the words "I gotta have more cowbell" written across it.

Not that it wasn't a hilarious sketch when it aired, but that it's the catchphrase that WILL NOT DIE. "Isn't that Special?" "Makin' Copies?" "That's the Ticket?" -- all of these things had a shelf life. But this cowbell thing is the terminator.

Example A -- a new website that lets you upload a song and then ..Add more cowbell to it.

Kinda fun, especially if you've got some time to kill. Also worth a listen are the cowbell-ified songs that others have made, available for browsing here.

He was in the Deer Hunter, people.


The World's Hottest Burger

When I was in high school the big deal was to see how many hot sauces you could put on a single burrito. Our man Werdna put something like 15 on one time. The thing was mostly sauce.

This drive to establish yourself as the toughest mofo alive by means of hot sauce does not go away.

Another friend told a tale of New Orleans from about 10 years ago. The chef would come around and say "Have you met The Man?" The Man was a hot sauce made of molten meteorite or some such equally infernal alien ingredient. If you hadn't met The Man, the chef would put a drop on whatever you were eating and then laugh at you and your pain. My friend asked if anyone had ever had more than one drop. Apparently someone had once voluntarily consumed six drops of The Man. When asked who this person was, the chef said "Some stupid white boy."

Cut to the present.

There is a restaurant in Queensland Australia which serves The World's Hottest Burger. From the pictures and videos I've seen, it looks to be mostly hot peppers and sauce. They serve it to you with fireproof gloves and an emergency kit consisting of milk and yogurt. If you can make it through the entire thing without using the kit, you get your name on the wall.

My running buddy has a brother who lives down there. He and his friend recently decided they were up to the challenge. First, his e-mail:

Dear sweet arse-raping Jesus i will make this report VERY quick because just the memory of the burger is giving me bowel cramps.

First of all the burger in question can be found at the 'Off The Wall Diner' at Wellington Point in Brisbane.

Secondly, before it gets served to you you have to put on rubber gloves.

Finally, it was not so much a meal as a physical assault.

I swear to god i have never been in so much pain in my life. i was mentally prepared for the burn and had decided that no matter how hot it turned out to be i was just going to open a can of 'harden the f * ck up' and keep eating. So here's how it panned out...

4 of us head to Wellington Point around 2pm for a cruisy Saturday lunch. Me, Thommo and our two better halves.

We know that drinking beer won't help the burn, but just for psychological backup we have 2 6 packs of Little Creatures. We drink 1 6 pack on the way to the diner. We start on the other as soon as we arrive.

The 2 guys order the megadeath burgers to much laughter and derision from the kitchen of the diner. The 2 girls order sensible burgers.

We are downing the beer like water before we even see the burger so we run across the road and grab another 6 pack from the pub.

The girls burgers arrive and they are awesome hand made giant patty motherf * cking things and I'm starting to get REALLY hungry.

Our burgers arrive, with rubber gloves and a recovery kit consisting of a big drink of milk and a bowl of yogurt. The challenge remains that if we can finish the burger without resorting to the recovery kit we get our names on a plaque on the wall...

I start eating, and eating fast. I stick with my game plan and ignore the burn, just push through the pain.

2 things happen immediately to my body.

1. I get violent hiccups as my body tries to reject the molten lava i am putting into it.
2. I begin crying like a little girl.

Not to be discouraged I forge ahead, quickly shoveling the burger into my mouth. I begin to descend into my own little hell. Staff come out and are watching us eat and are egging us on. I can barely notice anything except the immense pain in my mouth, eyes, ears (yes my ears were ringing) but most importantly in my stomach...

And this is the problem.

The burning mouth, the crying, the ringing ears I can handle. But now with less than a third of the burger to go my stomach seizes up and refuses to let me put anything into it. I take a deep breath and look for my can of 'harden the f * ck up' when I notice that my mate Thommo has stopped eating his burger just beyond the halfway point and is wandering aimlessly up and down the street.

He has honestly lost the plot and is walking around in circles.

I decide I can't be defeated and manage one more bite before my stomach explains at this point that it is about to return to me everything i have just eaten at high speed.

not being able to face the prospect of vomiting back something that hot i pull off my gloves and admit defeat with 2 mouthfuls to go. The staff can't believe I have got this close and not finished it but at this point i really don't give a f * ck because i have just started to hallucinate.

No exaggerations here for the next 15-20 minutes or so as we just sat there i was completely off my face. it is one of the strangest drug experiences I have ever had (thats a BIG call). The closest thing I can liken it to is the feeling you have when you are coming off an 'e' and you are really jumpy, agitated, spun out and trippy.

Can i recommend this burger to anyone?

No f * cking way.

Should you go and try it anyway?

Absof * ckinglutely!

And about 2 days later...

it is now almost 48 hours later and i have just had my second shower for the morning.

second shower? why have 2?

because i am still shitting white hot torrents of molten steel and i need to cool down my puckered, torn and abraded sphincter before it decides to go all 'china syndrome' and melt through the crust of the earth to the core.

i swear to god all i have eaten in the past couple of days since the 'event' is stomach and anus friendly food like yoghurt, and ham and salad rolls and yet here i am at 6am on monday morning wondering why i have just been fisted by someone with a handful of broken glass and gravel?

the burger was evil. and it's evilness continues to taunt my bunghole.

shame on you for wanting to try this boobmeister. shame.

... and finally, a few days after that...

lol thanks for your concern f * cker

it lasted until tuesday night (i had the burger on saturday lunchtime) and i had my first *normal* crap on wednesday morning.

my mate i went who also tried the burger with came good on tuesday morning, but he admitted by 'good' he meant he wasn't bleeding profusely from his anus and eyeballs at the same time.

that burger was all f * cked up.

now go try it.

Now you have the context with which to enjoy a video of another victim (don't worry, no bathroom scenes):

And lastly, let's hear it for the hardcore girls. One of them gets her name on the wall! Skip to the 4:00 mark, where the strong are divided from the weak.

Say it Ain't So -- Astroland Closed

Just hearing about this today -- the one thing I didn't really get a chance to do the last time I was in NYC is now something I won't get to do -- famous Coney Island theme park Astroland has closed down due to some sort of landlord dispute that sounds suspiciously similar to the story of why CBGB closed.

Speaking as someone who doesn't live in New York and therefore believes Coney Island to be a sparkling clean, family-friendly, fair-priced place to go to have a good time with other pleasant people, it seems like a shame that this place won't be around anymore.

And even if I'm somehow wrong in that assumption -- can you even begin to count how many movie scenes ended up with some sort of chase scene through that place?

The 30,000 Calorie Sandwich

Somehow I have not known about this. For this sin, I am fully prepared to turn in my Y chromosome.

That said, this man has my total respect. Description of the sandwich construction is awesome:

"I was almost there when my dad offered up a bit of advice. Bread and deep fry the meat. I was furious at myself for not having thought of that myself."

The page is getting hit hard and takes a bit to load. It's worth it.



Simultaneously the greatest and most sexist thing you'll see all day -- PMSbuddy.com is a free service created to remind you when your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, or any other women in your life are closing in on "that time of the month" by sending you an email alert.

Good to know that Al Bundy is not only alive and well, but a web entrepreneur now as well.


Name All 32 Starting QBs

Football season starts tonight. 32 teams and a nation of crazed fans. But can you name all 32 starting quarterbacks in the league in under five minutes?
Sounds easy -- but it isn't.
I was able to get 27 of them, but then I sat there while the clock ticked away -- feeling like a complete football fan failure that I couldn't come up with the rest. If you're a fan, it's definitely worth a try.


Just Too Easy to Pick On Right Now

The majority of the Republican leadership rushed to the aid of the victims of Hurricane Gustav, eventually leading to the decision to cancel the RNC in lieu of helping those in need, which deserves serious props regardless of your affiliation.

But what about the people who weren't able to get out of the convention in time?
Rest assured, The Daily Show was there.


Stinking Up the Joint

In American McGee's Grimm, you're Grimm, bringing darkness and filth to cutesified fairy tales, and restoring them to their original disturbing nature. The episodes take about 30 minutes to play, unless you're like me, then they take an hour. The first one is free (application installation required), as are the others on the day they premiere. Fun.


NSFW Sunday: The Lifestyle and You

Looking for a new hobby? Need to know what it takes to be a part of "The Lifestyle?" Check out this informative and educational video to see just how easy it is to get in on all that hot monkey action.

-- Mad monkey love to Jenea for the link ;)


Daft Hands

It takes her minute to get going, and once you figure out the idea it ends up getting old in a hurry -- but do me favor and hang around at least until she links the whole thing together that first time and tell me that it's not just a little bit kickass.


Anything Neal Stephenson Has Ever Written, Done, Thought, Uttered, or Noted Might Be Acceptable with a Slight Tilt of His Head

If you haven't read Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, or In the Beginning ...was a Command Line, then we could be better friends if you'd just get off your ass and get to the library.

If you haven't read The Baroque Cycle, well, don't worry, I haven't finished it either.

That's about to change, though, because this article at Wired about author Neal Stephenson is one of those peeks into a celebrity's life and persona that force you to stop and say, "Ah, dammit, that guy really is as cool as he seems." His new book takes place in a brand new world, with its own history, its own language, its on socio-political turmoil into which its characters are thrust (and thus, vicariously, are we). I don't know about you, but this sounds to me like it could possibly maybe be perhaps ohgodi'mafraidtotypethis...

... you know, Neal Stephenson's Dune.

And if that's true, my inner geek has died and gone to heaven. Like the theatre nerd inside me did when he heard that Burton and Depp had teamed up to do Sweeney Todd. Like the comic book loser inside me did when Mike Mignola took on the steam-punk Batman story "Gotham by Gaslight".

The skinny is that yes, Stephenson is a sci-fi writer. He gets long-winded and his action is laced with subtle but ever-present philosophical suggestions. But he is amazing at what he does, and this is one of those rare times in popular culture where a talented person has worked their way into enough real-time success that they can do exactly what it is that they're so good at - and in its fullest form.

Catch up on the Neal if you don't know him already. I'll meet you at the library over lunch.

Sexy People

It's kind of like Post Secret, but without the anonymity. People send in their old portrait photographs, and the rest of us shudder. Good times.

The Tragedy of Grover

This has been an oft-discussed topic for me, but the folks over at Deja Poop do a really nice job of chronicling the Muppet universes greatest victim, furry lovable old Grover.


Chuck Norris' Twitter

There's a lot of Buzz going around right now about some fake Mad Men-inspired twitter accounts that were suspended after the AMC network protested.

And even though AMC eventually relented and let the fun continue, the door is now open, prompting some to wonder if some other fake twitter-ers might not be quite as lucky.

If that's the case, then you need to see this one now -- before someone tries to suspend the account and ends up with a boot in their face.

5 Reasons Why Neil Diamond Will Always Rock...Softly

Neil Diamond. You kinda hate him, but you know the words to every one of his songs. He's one of those guys. Here's five possible reasons why. Digest, discuss, and dissect.


Yearbook Yourself

Cool idea here where you take a pic of yourself and set it up so you can see kinda what you'd look like if you lived (and went to school) in a series of different eras. Want to know what you'd look like in the 50's? Ever been curious to know what you the hippie would look like? Need a painful reminder of the 80's? This site makes it happen.

Note: The interface is simple, but choose your photo wisely to get the full effect.


Advice for Would-Be Presidents

Should Obama win the general election, he should remember the 9th President of the USA.


NSFW Sunday -- This Thing I Like to Do After..

Moral of the story: If you see a guy with one of those tanktop nightshirts -- RUN.


The Friday Smile -- Yeah, He Always Does That Edition

One of the things I really like about the idea behind this site is that the world is simply too big sometimes to keep up with. You try to keep up with the news, people forward you messages -- but the law of averages sorta dictates that there really is no way to be ahead of the curve all the time.

Which is why the team here does it's best to try to point out the kinds of things that we feel are worth a look, even if they are sometimes a little off the beaten path.

  • Like that time the Empire invaded San Francisco and no one cared.
  • Or those other Olympic games you might not have heard about.
  • Talented singer/songwriters that somehow slip under the radar
  • Books that offer a new perspective on real world issues
  • A comic shop employee who keeps his customers sane
  • The newest in pimpmobile styles from Germany
  • Cool tricks to play on your politicized friends (although I guess now it won't work quite so well).
  • Funny stories about the foods we used to enjoy as kids
  • Or a better class of cute pony criminal

  • At the same time, no matter how many new and interesting things appear on the horizon -- there's always gonna be those things that never fail to entertain
    ..No matter how silly they might seem.
    Its almost like a curse or something, but I pretty much always laugh at this. I mean, it's not even really funny -- but I guess there's just something Pavlovian inside of me that can't resist a singing parrot.

    The strangeness really kicks in at about :39
    Their owners ..not so much.

    My Little Joker

    More than just the Joker, you can find versions of all sorts of characters from movies and comics done up in "My Little Pony" style. Kinda cool.

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