Not Recommended: Selling Pot to Third Graders

But don't take my word for it... ask the Ninja Turtles!


Hex said...

Drug dealers are dorks.

Not since Jay Barbor re-worded the Cure's "Boy's Don't Cry" to read "Just Say No" for that anti-drug pep rally at school has there ever been a more unconvincing message of hope.

Might as well have had Spicoli telling me to stay in school.

Satorical said...

Too bad the kid didn't have the presence of mind to say "No thanks--but nice rolling job!"

The Kaiser said...

Shame they didn't show the next ten minutes of that little scenario, where the little kind gets the shit beaten out of him for shoving, mouthing off to, and otherwise disrespecting the drug dealer kid. I always found that sort of stuff a key component that was missing from all the anti-drug nonsense.
"Holy cow! Bobby's in real trouble now! What should he do?"
"Fight back!"
"That'll only make the dealer more mad!"
"Scream and hope a teacher hears him and comes to help!"
"Everyone will make fun of him for being a bitch for the rest of his life if he does that!"
"Take his beating like a man!"
"There you go kids! If you want to say no to drugs by acting like a punk to someone twice your size, be sure that you can take the consequences like a man!"

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