Bassnectar vs. Pixies

There's a lot of godawful dubstep (I'm looking at you and your Grammys, Skrillex). Hex nailed it: the guy's songwriting sucks. Some dubstep works in parts and then turns super-irritating (go to 1:28) at the drops.

Here's a piece I think works on all fronts. I'm seeing Bassnectar in a week and look forward to being the oldest person in the crowd.


Clifford The Big Pink Dog

Go here, spend $5, watch the show. Because, as with Ace of Bass, you can never give Louis C.K. too much money, no matter what you do.


Two minutes of wonder

Amazing piece of animation made from NASA pictures. Also, thanks Trent Reznor, for releasing Ghosts under a Creative Commons license. Your music works well here.

CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.


Management Tips From A Master

Tina Fey on staying skinny during her Saturday Night Live years:

"I regularly ate health food cookies so disgusting that when I enthusiastically gave one to Rachel Dratch she drew a picture of a rabbit and broke the cookie into a trail of tiny pieces coming out of the rabbit's butt."

More in Bossypants.


Wu-Tang Clan Kung Fu Movie Samples

Ten minutes of your time is a pretty big investment, but this is supremely worth it.


Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying for Women

Long-winded, overly smug with it's own nerdiness, everybody talks too fast, yet pretty much utterly on point with the subtext it suggests to a movie trilogy that's already far over-analyzed.

..Pretty much just the way we Star Wars nerds like it.



Cool and addictive movie game. You're given three stock photos as clues and 60 seconds on the clock. Your job is to name the movie the photos are suggesting.

Sounds easy enough -- but it can get tricky once you get into it.

To be honest, when I started out on it it seemed a little too easy for my taste, but it did stump me for a while on a few of them. Luckily you can skip over ones you get stuck on and come back to them later.

On the downside though -- even though you can skip and come back, the game doesn't officially end until you correctly answer all the questions (or give up). This was especially bad in my case because the one it said I was getting wrong was one that I ABSOLUTELY KNEW I WAS GETTING RIGHT.

Here's the weird part -- the game is really open-minded about spelling and grammar. If you get most of the name of a movie right it will give it to you, and if the clues are from a series or a trilogy, you can still get the question right if you just give the main title of the series and not the specific installment -- except for this one particular question where the thing turned suddenly super-anal about how you type the words in, which was really frustrating until I figured it out.

Even with 50 questions and that one particular quirk it's a very quick and fun time-waster, and the kind of test that a movie nerd can't resist.

I aced it (..eventually) -- which isn't really that big of a deal, since that's the way the way the game is designed, but I got really stuck on about 3 of them (not counting the typo one).

How did you do?

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