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"We at BringBackBritney.com hold that a hosed-down, scantily clad Britney Spears is vital to the livelihood of millions of Americans. We will not sit silently as she sullies her persona in the public eye; that of a Kabbalah chasing, non-seatbelt wearing, ovary farm for any two-bit backup dancer to take advantage of. This is not the Britney we hold in high regard"


Greg Giraldo 1, Dennis Leary 0

Colin Quinn (who once helped oust Satorical from an episode of MTV's "Remote Control") used to have this show on Comedy Central called "Tough Crowd" where stand-up comedians, semi-celebrities, and the occasional public servant would get together and discuss the issues of the day. Certainly not a new idea (try to imagine Bill Maher's show without all the ...Bill Maher), but occasionally entertaining nonetheless.

The thing that made this show the most interesting for me though was the way that as it began to fade into obscurity the forum became more of a fight club for the comedians involved. Take for example this clip where funnyman Greg Giraldo does his best to set up a joke about the North Korean Nuclear Problem, but then decides instead to basically tear into not-quite-as-funny-as-he-used-to-be-when-he-was-stealing-Bill-Hicks'-material-man Dennis Leary, who does not appear pleased at all to discover that his expensive sunglasses provide less protection than he originally paid for.


Hoffa Cupcakes

Black humor in the heartland.


Cosby Bebop

Some serious dancing for your face.

-- And while I'm at it, don't forget this classic pudding pop from back in the day (NSFW due to excessive filth flarn flarn filth).


We're Not Gonna Take It

Only recently did it dawn on me why my parents objected to me listening to the music created by this group of ...unshaven transvestives from New Jersey.

Not that tunes like "You're Gonna Burn in Hell" or "I Wanna Rock" weren't great for their day, but if you want to dress like Bette Midler, at least do a better job with the rouge.

Still, it's the first guitar solo I ever learned to play -- and regardless of who you are or where you come from, there's no denying the brilliance that is Neidermayer.



Our grandfathers never had to deal with this, and it wasn't because the electric razor hadn't been invented, either.


The Anti-Hurricane and Tornado Machine

Jeez, even Gore is teeing off now.

A little side note: we've been Highly Recommending stuff for a little over a year now. Starting from nil, we're now getting about 600 visitors a month, so thanks for spreading the word.


Hoaxing Congress

Someone made a parody video game with dialogue from Team America: World Police and passed it off as a terrorist training tool. It ended up being shown to credulous Congressional members in a hearing, who predictably linked video games with terrorism.


Dissing Tom Cruise

No link here, just an observation. A friend of mine who works for HBO is on a list to see various movie premieres. Apparently every female on the list replied that Tom Cruise is crazy and that they no longer have any interest in seeing his movies.

I prefer the term "loonball" to "crazy," but it's the Michael Jackson career effect regardless.


Thank You Stephen Colbert

Colbert annihilates Dubya, sitting three chairs away.

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