The Solid Gold Elite Dancers

Part of a well-done machinima talk show based on the Halo game engine. The first episode has an interesting interview with Peggy Ahwesh, creator of She Puppet.


Make Your Own Snowflake

Withering Accuracy

For our non-NYC readers, Park Slope is a now-hopelessly yuppified section of Brooklyn.


What Kiefer Sutherland Will Be Doing In 30 Years

What do onetime TV stars do to avoid the convention set? In Tom Baker's case, they leave voice mails for texters who want him to say "bollocks." One ambitious cellie user had him speak all the words to "Video Killed The Radio Star," including the instantly weird "I met your children. What did you tell them?"

Like Your Job's This Important

How can you just sit there and write reports, grade papers, or sell ...things when there's an epidemic going on?!

I'm talking about Bird Flu! Potential future killer of everyone you've ever known and loved! Drop what you're doing, just stop right now.

You've got 30 seconds to save the world.
Bird Flu, Man!



Wow, The Darkness have really let themselves go.

(NSFW - even if it seems like the very best place to play something like this on infinite repeat at maximum volume especially if you had to go in today when everyone else got to sleep in because they don't work for a crazed bunch of slavedrivers who can't recognize the signigicance of this particular holiday)

Frank's Random Joke Generator

I once went to a comedy club where one of the performers did an extended mime act about milking a wild deer. As you might expect, it wasn't really that funny at all --but many of us laughed anyways, possibly to mask our collective confusion about what it was that we were missing.

It's much like the feeling you'll get checking out this little doo-dad from across the pond that takes random parts from commonly told jokes and melds them together to create third generation "super-jokes" that threaten to take over the world.



Katamari Damacy 2

It'll eat the world if you let it, and that's good.


All Kinds of Stuff

Professional Looney Tunes DVD commentator John Kricfalusi jumped on the blog train recently, giving us a free place to gush over him and his artwork some more.

Back in the day when his main internet platform was Spumco.com, he would frequently veer off the course of promoting his own work to craft essays on animation history, rants about current media trends, and generally comment on anything else that annoyed him.

Let's hope that happens again here.



Hipster Bingo

Six Part Toaster

Looks like the McDLT inventor is staging a comeback. Let's keep that hot side hot, shall we?


La Molleindustria

The McDonald's video game rules. I have yet to try Queer Power, TuboFlex, Orgasm Simulator, or Tamatipico.

Go nuts, folks.

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