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Pack up your desk, your workday is over.

No matter what the deadline was, no matter how much work you still need to do - once you start playing this game you won't have enough focus left to finish anyth


I'm On Frikkin' Fire

"Girl on Fire" is one of the true gems you'll find among a selection of utterly whacked-out films at www.get-sa.com, which is apparently part of a marketing campaign put on by Subway.

I can't really say that it made me want to buy a sandwich - but for whatever reason this had me howling with laughter, much to the confusion of my apparently humorless sandwich-eating coworkers.



Everyone loves Lost. It's like Gilligans Island with blood. The X-Files in Bathing Suits. It's everything you could ever want in a television show whose title doesn't have the words "Desperate" or "Housewives" in the title.
Oh wait, you've never seen it?
(...yeah, me neither)
Well now we don't have to! Thanks to the fabulous intarweb, you can easilly get your proverbial foot in the door to all of those water-cooler conversations you normally would have been ..well, lost in otherwise -- simply click and watch as an entire seasons worth of fun (plus a turtle) rolls by for your viewing pleasure.




Beer Pancakes?
(and just for all you shredders, here's the Tab!)
..I'm normal.


The PowerSquid

Sweet Jesus -- where has this thing been all my life?


Cinema Treasures

Movie palaces are pure joy. This database helps locate nearby gems, by architect, theater style, and the like. Now if someone could just make a list of lout-free theaters, we'd be set.



Oh come on, you knew that's what it was gonna be!



The International Federation of Competitive Eaters holds contests benefiting hunger charities. Seems like if you were a hungry person, such a contest would be kind of rubbing your gaunt face in it. Anyway, this site has many things worth noting--it's sponsored by Alka-Seltzer, for instance--but the force truly to behold is 105-pound Sonya Thomas, aka The One Eater.


Fun With Flickr

Flickr photo search is pretty useful when looking for pictures of snowmen. Yet it can be put to far, far better use than that. Click on the post title link, then enter some of the words below into the search box. Then try your own.

Japanese Candy

Roadside America

This is a longtime repository of weird road trip destinations. A friend traveled to several of these places last summer, including Carhenge, one of many henges. Other wonders include transparent women, awesome tiny church technology, and everyone's favorite, the World's Largest Ball of Twine.

The Kooks Museum

The exhibits are textual rather than visual, but still plenty of fun. The site also features hate mail from people who are unclear on the concept.


Make A Monster

If BeastBlender struck you as too creepy, maybe this is more your speed.

Skynet Components

Apparently no one remembers The Terminator, because more weapon-equipped robots are coming out all the time. Here are precursors to what we'll see during the Schwarzenegger presidency:




Oh, and all that "Fish Are Friends" crap from Finding Nemo? You won't be saying that when these get weaponized...


Planet Xena

Officials are still debating whether the recently discovered mass out beyond Pluto constitutes a tenth planet. Meanwhile, the astronomers who discovered it and nicknamed it Xena have found it has a moon, which they've named...wait for it...Gabrielle. The International Astronomical Union, a group of scientists responsible for naming planets, is deciding on formal names for the heavenly bodies, but why mess with a good thing? This could make for some keen co-marketing. Also, it should motivate the stargazers to find two more moons to complete the set.


Free iTunes Downloads

Yes, you heard right -- 3 free downloads are waiting for you, and all you have to do to get them is:
Join the National Guard!?
..and I thought 12 CD's for a penny was a bad deal!

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