Unhappy Hipsters

Awww, whassamatter? Deathcab not quite as cute as it used to be?


41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments

Some of these might be a little Photoshopped (the one about DT's certainly is), but the funniest thing about this collection is that you just know most of them aren't.

View from the Top

Here's a view of the House Chamber you didn't get during last night's State of the Union address. Go full screen and play around with it a bit.


Unintentional Sex.com

Please. Like the 12 year-old in you didn't want this place to exist.

Surprisingly safe for work -- unless your IT department filters web content for innuendo.


Don't Piss Off The Internet

Mouse over the episodes in the list. Someone's been having fun with tags. The Internet no likey Jay Leno.


Walking On, and Nailing It

It would be really easy for me to overanalyze this one, since I've followed the band for a while, but here's what you need to know: The Walk Ons have a new EP out. The Brookyn-based band has put out five songs that are easy to put into heavy rotation in your head from the first listen.

The songs are all tightly arranged, with a range of styles contributing to the mix, from the Athens sound to Kiss-like backing vocals. My favorite is State of Affairs, which has great guitar work throughout, including a fine solo that doesn't outstay its welcome.

You can listen to all the songs for free right there on the site. You know the drill: Throw the band a few bucks if you like what they're doing.


First-Person Tetris

Love this.

Although the instructions jump on the screen first, if you're anything like me you won't read them and might need a little guidance -- the arrow keys move things left, right, and down -- and the space bar flips things as needed.

The joke is simple and effective, but the effect actually makes for a slightly harder game than usual. Make sure you have a little time to kill with this, because it gets addictive fast.


The Skiff Reader

Super 'friggin cool. Almost makes me want to read a newspaper again.



Tapping right into the impotent rage-driven psyche of every 8th grader ever, Josh Lieb's I Am A Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want To Be Your Class President serves up 300 brisk pages of hilarious middle school politicking. Oliver Watson Junior suffers a daily 400 blows, all while plotting his grand design.

I guess this could be considered a children's book, but it's way funnier (and less immediately familiar and painful) if you're an adult. Click through for a description, but basically Lieb had me at the title.

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

Youth, thou art entering a world of pain.
We know this document is home-work thine,
And that thou stealest cars and monies,
and this is thy home-work, boy.
Wherefore silence? What impudence is this?
Thou art killing thy father, Laurence! O!
This hath no end; he never will speak word.
I take thy parchment back, and turn to plans
Of secondary contingence. Look well.
Behold thy car, the corvette, crimson-stain’d,
And see what befalls sinners evermore.

[He raises his sword, and smites the car]

This befalleth when thou firk’st a stranger ‘twixt the buttocks, Laurence! Understand’st thou? Dost thou attend me? Seest thou what happens, Laurence? Seest thou what happens, Laurence? Seest thou what happens, Laurence, when thou firk’st a stranger ‘twixt the buttocks?!

This be what befalleth, Laurence! This be what befalleth!!


Nic Cage as Everyone

Perhaps the scariest thing on the entire Internet right now is this site -- wherein wild eyed crazy man Nicholas Cage (or an army of anonymous Photoshop jockeys) takes umbrage with Hollywood, History, and the world at large for not recognizing his talent and casting him as everyone who ever existed.

Seriously, this is the stuff of nightmares.


Creed Shreds

I'm trying to decide if this is hilarious to me because of how much I hate Creed, or if it's just because I'm a musician. The answer is probably somewhere between the two, but whatever the case -- this kills me.

The concept is pretty simple -- take concert/video footage, mimic the movements on the screen, re-dub, and post.

There are actually a bunch of these out there, taking shots at bands and players of almost every genre and style -- but somehow this particular (frequently NSFW) edition is still my favorite.


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