Johnny Get Angry

Like Hex and his i can has addiction, I have these things that make me happy, and would occur to perhaps only two other people. This is for you two folks. I love and pity you.

I've been a giant k.d. lang fan since I heard "Trail of Broken Hearts" in high school. One of the coolest things she used to do was a cover of a song called "Johnny Get Angry," which was about as far from liberated as something could get. I finally found the original song, and playing the two back to back is just great. Lang's piece is this brilliant homage/satire that I doubt she does nowadays, having traded in bizarreness to croon with Tony Bennett. Anyway, here 't'is.

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Monster said...

My day is officially made. I love how the Reclines buy into the concept 100%.

That was a brilliant seven minutes I just experienced.

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