Worst Prom Night Ever

I don't know if kids these days see things the same way, but when I was younger the one thing that I believed would mark my arrival as a "rich person" would be to have the luxury to ride around in a limousine. I'm not sure why this took precedence over things like ..say, having tons of money or whathaveyou -- but the mystique of the limo is something that I still secretly keep in the back of my mind.

These days limos seem more of a rental thing for everyone. With story after story of millionare Hollywood starlets and pro atheletes who are getting busted for speeding, DUI, or getting in crashes I guess the idea of having someone drive you around in your huge stretch caddy is something that's past it's prime.

Still, it's hard not to get a little chuckle out of these photos of what happens when you rent a limo to drive you around the impossibly hilly landscapes of San Francisco.

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