friday time-sucks...

i've discovered how i'll spend the last 1.25 hours of my friday work-day... you should too!!


I rock the MashUPs

Too bad I have to link to College Humor here, but so it goes:

Star Wars and Jay-Z

For a Galactic Empire State of Mind...


hipster puppies

One of my favorite new-ish places on the web, hipster puppies never fails to bring a smile (and yes, of course they have a book deal).

The whole site is gold, but here are some of my favorites:
Good website, here's a snausage.


The Hunt for Gollum

Extraordinarily well made 40 minute film telling the story of Aragorn's hunt for Gollum eluded to by a few lines in the Lord of the Ring. It is "made by enthusiast film makers", apparently on a small budget, but with great results.


I'd embed, but in this case I think it is better if you go check it out there, and the HD doesn't look so hot here in the blog.


SFW Sunday: Sensitive and Sweet Edition

Pretty ladies with pretty voices on a pretty Sunday afternoon. If this doesn't make you sit back and smile a little, you're doing it wrong.

Zooey Deschanel vs Scarlett Johansson in epic folky duo sing-off!! WHO YA GOT?


8 Bit Terrorism Starts at the Home Screen

Turns out that all those hours you spent manning your Atari joystick might come in handy after all.

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