The 50 Greatest Muppets (Part 1)

The funsters over at Progressive Boink apparently have some free time on their hands, during which they've started work on a comprehensive list of the 50 Greatest Muppets of all time. So comprehensive in fact, that it's gonna take two posts to get them all listed.
Here's the first installment.
Good news -- love him or hate him, Elmo sort of has to be included in there somewhere. However, this poll already scores points in my book for having him finish almost dead last in the rankings.

Better News -- Grover's ranking will not be known until the top 25 is released, hopefully sometime this week.


Monster said...

Wow - the whole thing is worth the early picture of Jim, Kermit, & friends.

I'm holding out for a top 5 appearance for Grover. Kermit's gotta be #1, and I bet Dr. Teeth, Animal, and Statler & Waldorf give Big Bird a run for his money.

This is a great find, but you knew I'd think that.

unMuse said...

The Swedish chef will hopefully be up in the 25, too.

Hex said...

The real question is how many individual Fraggles and/or Star Wars muppets get included to mix up the numbering? I agree that Kermit and company will own the top spots, but as minor character oriented as this has been someone's gonna get left out - and if it's Janice, I'm gonna be cheesed

for sure-ly

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