The Illoiha Gym Climbing Wall

How awesome is this?

Sure you've got to go all the way to Japan to experience it, but talk about a reason to want to go the gym - a "rock climbing wall" taken to the ultimate Alice in Wonderland-ian extreme.

Deer antlers, picture frames, and flower pots are your handholds as you climb up the wall and find your way back through the looking glass.

The We Are Happy to Serve You Mug

Because we all can't be there all the time.

Extermination by Chocolate


Picture-based meme threads have been around for a while, but like so many other Internet fads they tend to rise and fade depending on the idea. Sometimes it's the people involved (remember when we were all making jokes about Chuck Norris - but then he started doing it too?), sometimes the topic doesn't have a shelf life (Brittney shaved her head? That's hilario..zzzzzzz), and sometimes it's just not as much fun as you originally thought it was going to be.

But if there is one picture-meme out there that simply will not die, it's Caturday. While I'm sure someone out there probably knows the story of it's origins, knowing why it started is hardly the point anymore, because it's everywhere. Not that I'm complaining -- "Do You Want Karate?" cracks me up every time. But until it gets assimilated into a Burger King commercial by corporate America one fact is clear:
Resistance is futile, Caturday is here to stay.


Life of a Mii

Either we're becoming shills for Nintendo, or there's just a lot more of this stuff floating around out there then there used to be. Either way this one's good for a quick laugh.



Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

Finally, something to break up the all-day coverage of what was in Queen Amidala's refrigerator on the day the police found her body. There is such a thing as too much news, you know.

Instead we offer real hard hitting questions, like: Why has there not been an investigation into allegations that Darth Vader, the second-ranking member of the Imperial Government, is in fact the father of the pilot who allegedly destroyed the Death Star?


Chocolate Frosted Hell Yeah

Tomorrow Today is Free Iced Coffee Day at all Dunkin' Donuts.
Not too shabby.

Chinese Law

China is executing a man for selling overpriced ant farms. No lie. My favorite part of the case is that he sold the ants in cardboard boxes. China invented gunpowder; I'm betting they have Tupperware technology at this point.

25 Words That Make You Look Like an Idiot When You Mispronounce Them

Anyone got the president's email address?


How to Tell an Octopus From a Dolphin

Favorite food: Dolphins subsist on the sustaining power of pure love.
Octopus' Favorite food: Your face.
These and other important octopus/dolphin related facts are only the tip of the iceberg of information available from Octopustruth.com.

Perhaps the most disturbing is their revelation of the fabled "Urban" octopus -- which is apparently capable of entering homes through standard kitchen pipes -- after which they eat the stuff in your fridge, envelop your puppies, and drink your milk.
Game over man... Game over!


Jon Has Gone Crazy

Why this cracks me up, I don't really know. What I do know is that if they could also apply this treatment to the movies, the world will be a much better place.

(Mad love to the Monster for the link)

Sesame Street

Jeez, give someone an Oscar and they think they can do anything.
(language - NSFW)


At a time when so much pop culture art -especially genre art-is made on a computer, it's refreshing to see some large-scale sci-fi sculpture. The artist is Greg Brotherton, and the pieces range in scale from miniature to nine feet tall.

The works are made with hammered steel, a medium requiring time and a good pair of earplugs to work with. As an extra bonus, several of his sculptures incorporate found objects, with classic The Future Will Be Great designs like old Hamilton mixers and Electrolux cannister vacuum cleaners.

The piece de resistance are the bases, which either give shadows or iconic gear underpinnings to the sculptures, as a last measure of detailed care for these obvious labors of love.


What's Your Leprechaun Name?

Leprechaun Name

Your Leprechaun Name is
Stingy O'Leary
Get Your Leprechaun Name at Quizopolis.com


CSI: Pie Ami

Ahhh Weebl. Just when you think he's fading away, he rolls right back up with an instant classic from his talking egg duo. Maybe it's just me, but I happen to think this video plays right along with my CSI-inspired get-rich scheme. Either way, it's a quick giggle to get your mind off the workday.


Three Marks at Two Ten

Just in time for everyone to have mp3 players small enough to hide on the lapels of your shirt, the folks at Nikko Home Electronics have come out with a pair of hulking speakers that would look horrible in just about any living room you could think of.
Expect them to sell out of these in about a week.

No Longer Recommended

When 'net surfing was still completely new to us, we had a few faves that really did the trick. Discovering The Onion for the first time was like a revelation, and they still know the funny, although the move to New York killed a little bit of the outsider nature they had.

Anyway, we went back to a few old reliables recently that have been allowed to die ugly deaths. Now shadows of their former selves, they are propelled mostly by inertia, still good for display ad income or egoboo but not so much for entertainment.

Granted, this smacks of Bobcat Goldthwait's best joke:

"At this point in my career, people feel obligated to come up to me and say 'I used to like you. You used to be funny.' So I say 'Oh yeah? Well I just met you and you suck.'"

Still, it's our blog. Here's the No Longer Recommended:

Disturbing Auctions
Once upon a time, the moderated and original writing on Disturbing Auctions brought the pointlessly odd on a daily basis. Then they put the patients in charge of the loony bin by setting it up as a message board. Posts now are inevitably of the been there, done that, workaday lame variety, without even a nod to the writing that made the original site great.

Oh what a little success will do to you. Back in the day this was one of my true daily must-read sites. Smart writers, a seemingly endless base of topics and opinions to draw from, Keith Knight's The K Chronicles, nearly weekly articles from my beloved Cintra Wilson, what wasn't to love? It was political without being preachy, intelligent without looking down, and not afraid to laugh at stupid jokes. But then they started charging admission for the second half of articles, and suddenly what started as a daily news magazine on my computer became an ad-riddled password-entering obstacle course that was more work than anything else.

The Best Page in the Universe
Maddox was the guy who was better than your kids. Perhaps he still is, but now he sounds like every other hothead on the 'net.

Ain't It Cool News
This used to be geek central. Now it's ground zero for hate speech and trolling. Not to mention patently uncool news.
How about you? Leave us a comment and let us know what sites you used to love, but can't stay with anymore?


Band Madness

March Madness in its many forms is upon us -- including plenty of webpages trying to get in on the fun of bracketology. One of the more interesting and longstanding ones out there is 'Band Madness,' where a field of 512 popular bands are pitted against each other in point and click combat.

Last year this tournament ended in web-battle royale where Nine Inch Nails pretty much laid waste to Pink Floyd, so much so that Trent Reznor and company have been officially "retired" from the competition in the hopes that perhaps someone else might get a chance to win.

It's a simple deal -- look at the choice of bands, click to vote, and then come back next week and do it again. It takes some time, and there plenty of moments when you're presented with a match up featuring two bands you've never heard of (as well as the eventual point where you realize your favorite group has somehow not made the list of contenders) -- but if you've got the music geek gene in you somewhere, this site has just what you need.

Like all March tournaments, the early rounds feature some incredible mismatches (The Beatles vs. Big and Rich) as well as some complete headscratchers (at the time of this posting, Hootie and the Blowfish were having a considerable amount of trouble with the full court press being applied by ..The Cure) -- but as you get deeper into the thing you'll find a couple of places where choosing one band over another is not only tough, but emotionally distressing as well.
Or to put it another way -- It was tough, but in the end I simply had to vote for P-Funk (sorry, James).

Mickey Calling



Rita Moreno.
Some muppets.
But mostly.. Rita Moreno.


South Korea

Video games are a huge deal in South Korea, as is social convention. Ergo, this.

I got 11810.

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