The Friday Smile -- Hot Hot Hot Edition

Consider for a moment the plight of Buster Poindexter. The late 80's "everybody mambo" incarnation of former New York Dolls frontman David Johansen.

It's the mid-1980's. Madonna is everywhere, David Bowie is making millions off songs like "Let's Dance" and "Modern Love." Re-invention is the order of the day, and David Johansen wanted in.

And so after what surely were many late night sessions of crumpled paper, cigarettes, and half-finished coffee an idea was born -- What if I was like a big-haired lounge lizard guy who's always ready to party?

And so for the next few years Buster assaulted us with pseudo-mambo smart bombs aimed directly at that part of our souls whose emptiness could only be filled by a raspy voiced maitre'd who always seemed to have a martini in his hands.

Then this guy showed up.
There you are hanging out in your apartment, shaping your big hair and getting ready to put on the tux when all of the sudden a dog with a beer comes on TV and drains away every remaining seconds of your 15 minutes just like that.
Don't let this happen to you.
Don't rest on your laurels to the point where you don't see the new guy coming to knock you off the block -- get out there and stay on top of things!

For example, did you know that this week at Highly Recommended we:
  • Discovered the secret to fear
  • Laughed at Cary Elwes' inconceivable weight gain
  • Gave ourselves jaundice
  • Checked out six-degrees of Dylan separation
  • Played one note
  • Drank a lot and then complained about a dog
  • Watched animation
  • Voted for Ralph
  • Had a beer
  • Created a budgetary goal for our ass pennies
  • That's a pretty good list. Certainly worthy of celebration.
    Somebody fire up the mambo band, I feel a song comin on!!!!
    But before I go let me leave you with this -- a VERY SPECIAL Friday smile, because right here, right now I'm going to give you the link to
    Have a great weekend -- see you soon!

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