Why I Love Google Video

Because you can literally wake up, hit random, and find something like this.


Pointless Surgery

One step up from trepanation (ok, maybe two), some overly enthusiastic techies now are self-chipping themselves with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. RFID tags are contactless chips which are great at (for instance) counting a palletfull of boxed Wal-Mart crap at the loading dock. A reader held a few inches from something with a tag can pick up information about what the tagged item is, where it came from, how long it took to get there, and the like.

Unfortunately for would-be Bionic Cyberboys, the limited range and underwhelming consumer applications for these tags so far makes the self-chipping thing pretty weak. While the guy who was getting this surgery thought he'd be moving walls from afar as he pranced through his secret lair all Magneto-style, back in the real world he can unlock a screen saver or his front door. Yay.


A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa

A dollar'll get me what!?

Diary of an Unborn Child

"Horrifying, misguided and unintentionally hilarious," is the accurate description found on the very fun April Winchell site. She's one of a new generation of Dr. Dementos, often mining the vinyl past for treasure.

If we had any taste, we would have saved this until after Jesus' birthday. Now you know.


Snowball Fight

You're still at work.

The holiday is right on top of us, but you still have to be there. There's a report that has to get done, a sales order that has to be entered into the system, or a phone that has to be covered just in case a customer calls -- the kind of workday that makes you start feeling like you're a kid stuck doing homework on a school snowday while everyone else is outside having a good time.

Well here's something just for you -- an oldie but goodie from Nicholson NY, this shockwave snowball fight game was the just anout the only thing that kept me alive when I was stuck inside a cubicle during years past. With simple controls, multiple levels, and a design that brings out the holiday bloodthirst in just about everybody -- it's still one of my absolute favorite things on the web.


The Safe Bedside Table

Totally stolen from Gizmodo, including the winner comment:

"Metrosexual to Conan the Defender of the Espresso Maker in 3 Seconds."


The Zelda Rap

Again, this is old news, but it was just inflicted upon us. Now we pass the pain along to you.


The Cute Overload

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be strapped into a chair "Clockwork Orange" style where you're forced to look at disturbing images that just never seemed to end?
Don't say I didn't try to warn you.


R-Rated Aprons

We used to call them "dad gifts." Whenever you'd go to department stores at Christmas you'd see these tables filled with golf tees, flashlights with sirens and tape measures built in, boxes of assorted neckties, or wallets that could double as compasses or digital watches. Stuff nobody would ever want - but clearly put there to help the hordes of families stuck buying that one last gift for the person who is almost always the hardest to figure out.

For me, the worst part of the "dad gift" was seeing that look in the persons eye when they opened it. That look that says "Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm never going to use this."

Well not this year. This year I've found the one gift that will conquer all other "dad gifts" combined. The one gift that the hard-to-buy for people I care about will want to show off. Will want to talk about.

Hell, I don't think my dad even likes to cook out on the grill. But just watch -- once he gets one of these, he'll be making up excuses to invite people over.

I can just see him at work now..
"What'd your family get you -- an electronic crossword puzzle dictionary? Well take a look at what I got!!!"


Secret Satan

It's that time of year again -- children drawing pentagrams in the snow, a sacrificed chicken on every dinner table, and some dude in a red suit standing outside the supermarket giving the sign of the goat to everyone that goes by.

But craziest of all is the way that these holiday traditions are starting to make their way into the places we work at, giving us no possible way to escape the hordes of candy cane-wielding, santa hat wearing minions desperatley wanting to know if you've put your tree up yet or not.

Well NO MORE! Thanks to the boys in Karkis, the truth finally comes out. And wouldn't you know it.. the answer was right there in front of us the whole time.


Beer for Dogs

Generally speaking, I'm pretty much all for the practice of giving booze to animals - but if you're going to take that step, I mean really take that step, don't be all half-assed about it. Take for example this website for "Happy Tail Ale" from the Dog Star Brewing Company that offers a non-alchoholic beer made specifically for canines.

I mean, I suppose there's a safety-oriented thought involved or whatever, but take a look at the picture -- I mean if that's not a bitter beer face, I don't know what is!

Moral of the story: No one likes O'Douls.



Highly Recommended is probably the last to know about this one, but it's new to us, so there it is. Pandora is a web-based application similar to MusicMatch: it helps you find new music with qualities similar to stuff you like. There are free (ad-supported) and subscription (not) versions, and direct links to Amazon if you want to buy the CD. It's a bit faster than shuffling through everyone's iMixes, and you get the full song, in a 128kbps stream.



A prize goes to the first reader who sends in a picture of a bachelorette party favor made using this device.



The mind reels at the thought of using two Toastabags: one with soup, one with sandwich.

Welcome to the Highly Recommended Cafe, folks!

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