Glarkware T-Shirts

Internet sites hawking T-shirts with ironic slogans may be the new black (see what I did there?), but every now and then you'll find one that's so good that you honestly hope that no one you personally know ever goes out and buys it -- so you can always say that you saw it first.
I'd say this is such a shirt.

C'mon Vader, Pull Yourself Together

I know, I know... Star Wars videos are the baby rabbbits of the web 2.0 universe.

HOWEVER, the voices, costumes, and sheer production quality of this one is worth noting. Also, the video is titled "Vader in Love pt 1"... so right away the possibility of crappy sequels are eliminated.



Free Taco Tuesday

Prior to the start of the World Series, Taco Bell made a deal saying that if a base was stolen during any part of the championship, they'd give a free taco to anyone who wanted one.

The Red Sox won, a base was stolen somewhere during the proceedings -- and true to their word, Taco Bell is ponying up free Tacos tomorrow between 2pm and 5pm.
Rockies Suck. Free food. 'Nuff said.


I have no idea what the text on this site says, but I'm thinking that's probably a good thing.


Patton Oswalt and the Time Machine

Came across this while I was putting together some stuff for a recent Star Wars post I did over at Sleep Dirt, and it's just too good not to share.

MST3K: The Shorts

For all of you MST-ies out there, here's a great listing of short films and episode highlights linked to their corresponding videos on YouTube and Google video, followed by a long list of snarky comments in the talkback section (gee, wonder where they got that idea?)

Trick or Treat Lessons

Once upon a time, no one was a big star yet.

Sometimes it's not so hard to see why things change.


The Coffee Song

From the Too Much Coffee Man album, written by Bob Dorough when he was 74. Mr. Dorough sang with Miles Davis. He's 81 and still performs, including his Schoolhouse Rock songs.

(RealPlayer required)

Deadly Cute

I've always been kinda hit or miss about the weekly Photoshop contests they have over at Worth1000, but every now and then they come up with something that just works, even if it's disturbing as hell.


Unfortunate Outdoor Ad Placements

Nothing like spending extensive time coming up with a branding strategy, working on visual concepts, creating the ads, and launching the campaign -- only to have it show up in a place where the message doesn't come across at all.

Cartoon Dump

Written by Frank Conniff of MST3K (Joel Hodgson also appears), this is a cute little adult framing show for awful cartoons.

Plus, I have a total crush on Buf Badger.


Lufthansa's Virtual Pilot

It's not like going into this point and click "land the plane in the right place" game feeling like I was going to win easily, because when it comes to Western European geography I'm certainly not an expert.
That being said, I did even worse than I ever thought I would.
Maybe it was a matter of personal pride (or embarrassment over the fact that I clearly didn't know things I thought I did), but the reason I'm recommending this is that despite the difficulty factor I found myself taking multiple stabs at it trying to do better.
If there's actually such a thing as "pleasantly addictive," this is it.
Once I finally ran out of gas with the thing it was easy to put down, but if you've got a couple extra minutes to kill and would like to take on a short-term mental challenge, this might just be for you.


Dumbledore Pride

Further proof that nothing actually happens in the world until someone creates a t-shirt about it.

Click here to see what happens when Harry Potter casualty and recently outed homosexual Dumbledore gets his own "Don't Tase Me Bro" moment.

All that's missing now is the companion shirt that says "Snape Shot First."


Dane Cook's Disease

"Dane Cook's Disease, often referred to as "DCD," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system. Those afflicted typically suffer from uncontrollable muscle spasms, wildly exaggerated movements, and the need to relay long-winded stories with no punch line, yet still expect to receive a hearty laugh."
Tragic explanation for the behaviors one of pop cultures most overplayed douchebags. Won't you please help?
The video footage gets a bit NSFW at times, but it's funnier than Dane Cook.


Your Name In Monster Stickers

(Spiral Notebook with Metallica written on the back not included)

Cubicle Freakout

Is it a game, or is it real life?
Depends on the day, right?
Vent your workaday stress by clicking on the various items that live with you in your little box and doing exactly what you've always wanted to with them.


Pass The Head

Somewhere in front of this, Peter Gabriel is singing.

Your Salary -- While You Watch

If you've got a little time to kill at work and wanted to know what your money looks like while you're sitting there pretending to be working -- try this on for size. Just type in your salary, hit the button, and then watch it go.

If you're anything like me, this will be followed up immediately by wishing for it to go faster, but you can't have everything.
Btw -- I've made $2.00 during the time it took me to type this up.


What Really Happened to All Those Toys You Lost When You Were a Kid

Zombies got them. Zombie DOLLS!

Mr. PotatoMash

A gallery of custom potatoheads, portraying characters from movies, TV, and more.

Some choices are obvious, some not so much. There's even a list of upcoming Potatoheads to come in the future. Viva free time, eh?


Sparknotes: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Suggested Essay Topic:
"Explain how Will was able to find a cab that would apparently, judging solely by the lyrics, take him from Philadelphia all the way to Bel-Air."

See Mike Draw

This one's getting a lot of run lately, and for good reason. Funny stuff to break up your day.


The Top 10 Rap Songs White People Love

Painfully accurate listing that many of my coworkers probably already have as a playlist on their iPod.


Once More With Feeling

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Monster rises with a highly recommended internet gem!

Pardon my reaction, but that fire was HOT.


A Truly Cool Idea (If you can afford it)

There's no denying that the marriage between technology and music has been one of the most mutually beneficial pairings that's happened in art in modern times. From the development of the synthesizer and drum machines giving birth to new genres of music to improvements made in sound processing and recording helping improve the quality of almost every recorded form -- the benefits are obvious.

But one thing that's remained fairly untouched is the design of many instruments themselves. Despite all the innovations, violins are for the most part violins, acoustic drums are still acoustic drums, and guitars are still guitars.

But now the custom shop at Gibson Guitars has made a big step, coming out with a line of guitars embedded with on-board electronics that are able to check the tuning of the instrument, and if they find something wrong -- will automatically tune the instrument for you..

Of course the catch here is that technology like this doesn't come cheap, but how about Gibson going ahead and loading this option onto their most expensive models only.

Seriously, I feel like Gibson is saying "Hey, Dan -- still can't afford a Les Paul? Then I guess you won't mind if we add another grand onto the price tag, eh?"

Still, very cool idea put into real-world use.
I'm sure Jimmy Page will get a lot of mileage out of it.


Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Screening

I only just found out about this -- but today apparently is the 25th anniversary of the exceptionally creepy/fun horror film Poltergeist, and to celebrate -- it's going to be screened for ONE NIGHT ONLY (tonight) at theaters across the country.

There's even a handy-dandy form for you to fill in your zip code to see where the closest theater that's playing it can be found.

It's actually been a while since I've seen this, so I'm thinking I might even get caught off guard and get scared all over again.
Regardless, what a cool way to spend a Thursday evening!

Looking for a Job, But Don't Really Want to Work That Hard?

If the ad is any indication, this company might just be for you.

"People Who Like This Also Like..."

Scroll down on the linked page for more ways to demean both your dog and yourself.

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