The People of Walmart

I saw this a day or two ago, and have been morbidly addicted to it ever since. It's The People of Walmart: a collection of all the creatures that grace us with their presence at Walmart, America's favorite store.

Get in quick, because this site is blowing up everywhere.

Believe me, this is just the tip (or in this case, the crack) of the iceberg.


Nice Muscle!

Once again, thank God for Japan.

If you survived that, you're ready for this (NSFW, mainly because they'll think you're a loon):

Don't say you didn't get your daily dose of WTF today.


Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

Jeff Buckley has some beautiful songs and a great cover of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. But what I was unaware of is he had a relationship with Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins (click on that Cocteau Twins link- between that beat and the melismatic vocal stylings, it is almost as good an aphrodisiac as Barry White).

And they collaborated on a song together, a demo that was eventually leaked:

Which I found fascinating...


The Ballad of GI Joe

It's one thing to have a successful platform to perform and promote your comedic ideas all over the world (even if sometimes they aren't always as hilarious as you'd like them to be). But the thing I'm really more jealous of is the ability the Funny or Die crew apparently has to call up just about anybody you can think of and say, "Hey, want to spend an afternoon dressed as a guy from GI Joe for a movie we're working on?"

Or to put it another way, how cool must this set have been between takes?

If you're interested in keeping score -- the cast includes Zach Galifianakis, Alexis Bledel, Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore, Chuck Liddell, Tony Hale, Vinnie Jones, the actual Sergeant Slaughter, utter crush-object Olivia Wilde as the Baroness, and Henry effing Rollins caught in the middle of the best tough decision a Joe could ever know.

And as I'm sure you've heard many times -- knowing is half the battle.


The Funniest Comedian Alive

There's a rule that says you shouldn't blog something that's had half a million or more hits. Even though Patton Oswalt is moving way beyond "comedian's comedian" status, I'm still going to blog this one. It's had less than 5,000 hits so far anyway, so technically we're still ok.

Basically, I support anything this man does.


Elbow (the band, although the body part is good too)

Neat group from England, got their name from a line in the BBC TV mini-series The Singing Detective; a character (Philip Marlow) says that the word "elbow" is the most sensuous word in the English language, not for its definition, but for how it feels to say it.


First a little something from their album The Seldom Seen Kid:

Then from live with the BBC concert orchestra (give it a chance I know playing with an orchestra is played out, but the lyrics and music build):

And because I like covers: Elbow doing Teardrop by Massive Attack



Pat O'Shea -- one of the funniest comedians I've had the pleasure to meet -- pointed this one out this morning, featuring classic riffage from a bunch of funny people Satorical once met.

Oh, and because I know you're wondering -- Joel Hodgson once appeared on a Young Comedians Special with Rodney Dangerfield, who was in Caddyshack with Chevy Chase, Who was in Spies Like Us with Dan Akroyd, who was in The Blues Brothers with John Belushi, who was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon.

*throws microphone down on the floor*

Yeah, boyee!


James Brown teaching you to dance

I know you need some dance lessons... I've seen you.

And if that wasn't enough, here is one of James Brown's proteges with some tunes so you can practice:



Here's Where Cameron Goes Berserk

News coming on the heels of John Hughes death that the house that provided the setting for Cameron's House in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is up for sale. That's right, the first film nerd (or seriously misguided super villain) willing to cough up a scant $2.3 million gets this very cool looking pad.

They even fixed up the window that the Ferrari crashed through.

C'mon people, buyers market!


Snacks and Shit

Possibly one of the greatest things on the web right now is Snacks and Shit -- a site that pays loving homage to those hidden nuggets of wisdom and intelligence that hide within the lyrics of some of the most popular rap songs out there.

Sure the hooks and the choruses are fantastic, but how many of us will ever forget where we were or what we were doing when we first heard Rick Ross throw down the immortal words, "I fucks pianos."

The title of the page was inspired by a classic Jay-Z line, but don't think it's just a fan of one style of rap hating on another -- because just about everyone out there catches hell from these guys for the lines they think we didn't hear.



A Complete History of G.I. Joe War Crimes

Screen Junkies knocks another one out of the park. Enjoy!


Will Krakatoa Rock the World Again?

The article is interesting, but the photos are nothing short of amazing.

Honestly, over a recent staycation I saw a few movies in the theater, accompanied by what had to be a few dozen total trailers. As a result -- I saw enough computer-generated tidal waves, explosions, quiddich matches, and talking secret-agent guinea pigs to make me believe that if there's at least one thing the big Hollywood studios do well these days (versus the things they can't -- like produce interesting or original scripts), it's imitate nature.

But then you see pics like this, and you realize that no imitation can be as good as the real thing.

I had to crop down the images to fit the page, so they aren't quite as cool as the full-size versions that come with the article. Check em out -- definitely worth it.

How Guys Think

Look, car washes cost money. Why don't we just fill up the excavator scoop with water and then pour it on the car? It would be a lot faster, and best of all -- It's not gonna cost us a cent!

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