The 50 Greatest Muppets (Part 2)

As promised, Progressive Boink returns with the second half of their 50 Greatest Muppets listing. Not a real surprise who's #1, but just like the first installment, plenty of great minor characters get love here.

To quell reader worries, The Swedish Chef, Grover, and Janice (as part of The Electric Mayhem) all show up in this half.

The question now is, who didn't make the cut? While he may not be considered an official Muppet, not seeing Yoda was a bit of a surprise -- especially considering that Kermit's whiny nephew made the top five (!?)

At the same time, any list that gives props to the best villains ever -- The Riverbottom Nightmare Band is worthy of a recommendation in my book.


Monster said...

I do love me some Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Big ups to the folks at Progressive Boink - well done.

Mike said...

I write for P-boi and argued pretty strongly for Yoda, but Muppet purists are apparently very strict about what is and is not a Muppet, and Yoda falls under some other category.

Which is still bullshit but whatever

Hex said...

So what you're saying is that Yoda's is sort of the Muppet Barry Bonds?

Still, fantastic listing. Keep up the great work over at P-boi, Mike!

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