Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

One of my absolute favorite blogs out there is Hello Kitty Hell, where one man deals with the perils of cute overload on a daily basis -- being that
1) his wife loves the stuff (he doesn't, but wants her to be happy)
2) thinking it might be a way to make extra cash, he suggested she start a business where she distributes the stuff (which of course, she did).
Of course anyone who has ever dated or been married to a HK fan knows that it doesn't take much effort at all for a cute little hobby to turn into a full-on obsession - and before he knew it his whole life became a tornado of everything from Hello Kitty toilet paper to the inexplicable mix of horror and brilliance that is the Hello Kitty Microscope.
So to deal, he put together a blog where he chronicles what it's like to have to deal with this literally every day.
Unfortunately, one simply does not walk into Mordor -- because almost from the beginning he has been tormented by emails, angry comments, and even death threats from rabid HK fans who either disapprove of his approach to the whole thing or are infuriated by his refusal to divulge where people can find and purchase these items.
Luckily he seems to have a good sense of humor about it all, but man -- it's like the Sanrio gods themselves are out to hassle the guy.
Still, it's a great read for open-minded Hello Kitty fans and haters alike. If you're ready to see what it's really like on the dark side, it's definitely worth a click

1 comment:

Satorical said...

Outstanding find. Here's my favorite exchange:

"My bf said this (insert landfill-bound piece of Hello Kitty crap here) was cute."

"Your boyfriend did not think it was cute. Your boyfriend wants to get laid."

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