The Sickipedia

In an age of collective wisdom and community thought, it's nice to know that people haven't forgotten that it's the little things that make life worth living.
For example -- deliciously tasteless jokes, organized by category.
An invaluable research aid to those of us who aren't Don Rickles, you'll never have to worry about confusing your Stevie Wonder and Hellen Keller jokes again.


"Cmon, people in the back!"

You know how Louis Armstrong could take any song and make it his own? This is like that, only not in a good way.


Reviewing Crap

The reviewer got far more than $20 of entertainment out of this craptacular MP4 player.

If Emo Ruled The World

Look for the Lego set.



My building must have a "nifty people only" clause, because everyone here is pretty darn spiffy. This is the website for one of my downstairs neighbors, who does a lot of work for gurl.com. I think her comic strips are especially good.


Lotte Reiniger

This German woman created the first full-length feature animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 11 years before Disney's Snow White. It's available through Netflix--check it out. Working for more than 50 years, she created more than 80 animated films, mostly fairytale or operatic adaptations, with articulated silhouette cutouts. Her detailed figures and backgrounds are truly impressive. Hunt her stuff down and experience some joy.


Mind-Blowing Math

In spite of the Bush Administration's War on Science, it's nice to see some people are still thinking the big thoughts. This is a proof of Poincare's Conjecture.

On second thought, everybody involved here is foreign. Sigh.


Freud Redesigns Gas Cap

Oh, sorry. That's Ford redesigns gas cap.


Heartfelt Political Debate

Joe Redner, Tampa strip club owner, gets a chair thrown at him after picking on a debate opponent's weight.

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