When Snoozing is a Problem

Meet Clocky.

Clocky is super cool right now, but I suspect that's because it's not 6:30 and I'm not in my bedroom.


Satorical said...

1) Hell no.
2) If it had been me, after all that, I still would have gone back to bed.

unMuse said...

That thing wouldn't last 24 hours in my house. For one, I'm not one for alarm clocks. Beastie Boys on my cellphone wake me up if I'm unfortunate enough to have to get out of bed at a specific time - like driving people to airports or such. Secondly, I have 2 big dogs that believe their sole purpose in life is to protect me from anything that beeps, squeaks and buzzes. If I didn't smash it and they didn't chew it into bits, them barking at it for however long it took for me to turn it off would be enough of a reason to take out the batteries.

Although, using as a room mate annoyance device is an idea...

The Kaiser said...

I've seriously seen/read/heard more news stories about that thing than I have about Darfur.

This is not meant to be a criticism of posting a video of the production version, which was pretty cool and was not something I had seen so far. Rather I am just voicing the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.

Personally I don't need it. I've found that I tend to wake up exactly one minute before my alarm goes off.

Monster said...

You know how it is in Seattle, man - you ALWAYS get the alarm clock news first.

Hex said...

The kaiser with an alarm clock?

Might as well ask why god needs a starship.

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