Robot Chicken Star Wars

For those of you who might have missed it, Adult Swim's stop-action animation station Robot Chicken debuted their Star Wars special the other night. While it was being advertised beforehand I kind of misled myself into thinking it was going to be the story of the movie retold Robot Chicken style, but it turned out to be a collection of their best SW-related clips both old and new. Still funny, and a must-see for those who love their alpha-franchise tie-ins.

The title link takes you to the entire episode itself, but just for starters here's my favorite part of the whole thing.


unMuse said...

I was misled, too. I was seriously hoping it was going to be more of a "mini movie". Still, those guys are hilarious and it was recorded for re-watching.

Monster said...

"Coleslaw, I guess - I'm not going to eat it, anyway." Priceless.

Also great - the good vs evil Star-Wars-themed "yo mama" battle.

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