Sieg Viral

Sometimes companies get priceless free publicity when a fan makes a popular viral video.

Other times, the ad department guys must feel a little torn. Here's how I imagine the meeting went at Microsoft last week:

Underling: "There's a new viral video on the web that causes us some concern, sir."
MS Ad Exec: "More nay-saying about our gaming platforms or services?"
Underling: "Well, no - in fact, the man in this video actually does an entertaining job of outline the strengths of our platform while calling attention to the weaknesses of our competitors."
MS Ad Exec: "Why does this cause us concern?"
Underling: "The man in the video is Hitler."

(subtitles are nsfw, all the audio is in German)

1 comment:

Satorical said...

Other message from the video: people who know a lot about Nazis play XBox.

Awesome find, though.

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