The 20 Best "That Guys" of All Time

What is a "That Guy?" He's a B-list character actor who's just talented enough to secure bit parts in a handful of movies every year, but not quite talented enough to become a brand-name star. Some specialize in playing villains and others in having freaky-enormous chest tattoos, but combined -- these brave, barely handsome men have appeared in every single movie produced in the last decade.


Satorical said...

I had no idea that guy died almost ten years ago.

Seriously missing: Vincent Schiavelli, Jon Polito.

Monster said...

Also missing: Rick Hoffman and Leland Orser, known in my house as "the rat-faced guy" and "the freak-out guy", respectively.

The Kaiser said...

So here's my brush with fame:
My wife's father is friends with #15 (Danny trejo, aka "That Dude With The Scarred Face With The Knives From Desperado")

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