Ironic Sans

Talk to anyone who knows me and you'll hear about a few of my extremely intense pet peeves. They're actually more like attack dog peeves, or maybe pet infuriants (sometimes one has to create a word to properly describe one's hate for something).

One of these idiosyncrasies is my rabid hatred for the font known as "Comic Sans". So when I happened across David Freidman's blog titled "Ironic Sans" (after getting linked to this game, I was immediately intrigued.

The font itself has yet to be authored, but David's blog is one part editorial page, one part idea depository, and one part self-published anthology. There's something refreshing about a creative person who is 1) prolific, 2) honest about his capability, and 3) trusting enough to spew ideas and half-notions out into the blogosphere to see what becomes of them.

And seriously, who doesn't want to see what comes next from the mind that had the idea to map the Kotter Family Tree?

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unMuse said...

In reference to the game, I still remember the 50 states in alphabetical order because of a song they had us learn in 4th grade.

Oh and I HATE comic sans as well.

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