The Unofficially Official Rules of Calvinball

The things you come across when you're not looking for them...

So today, while Googling for some er.. vitally important business information regarding Rebecca Romin Stamos, I came across this:
A list of specific rules for the game that has no rules -- Calvinball.


Monster said...

We should start an International Calvinball Enthusiasts or (ICE) League.

We could have tournaments! I say so, because I'm holding the ICE League chairman flag.

unMuse said...

So that must be what the kids play in my complex. I was wondering what the hell was going on.

Hex said...

You were holding the chairman's flag, but I just called for a rule change -- now anyone caught holding a flag should immmediately be pelted with water ballons.

Have at theee!

Satorical said...

Look at Hex, ready for the World ICE Championships.

No tagbacks!

Hex said...

No thoughts, ultrabots.

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