The Friday Smile - Flavor Saver Edition

Another week comes and goes, which means it's time to bring out our three HRTOTM iron chefs to see what they've prepared for us to sample and judge.

First up is Chef Satorical, who begins with a light and fluffy Asshole Lit appetizer, followed quickly with a Thomas Dolby palette cleanser so that your system won't be too shocked when he takes you to Sugartown. For the main course, you'll be served the planet Mars, and gum Arabic, (which pairs nicely with Coca-Cola, apparently).

Next we have Chef Monster, who has chosen to feature quality taste over quantity of items (this week). Enjoy if you will Fame a la cartoon video, with a Russian treat -- The Red Elvises for desert.

Finally we have Chef Hexacorde, who has gone with the risky strategy of starting off with jokes about vaginas, beer, what appears to be yet another star wars casserole, possibly filled with pipe cleaners, and for dessert, um ..one doughnut.

Please eat all you like. We cooked, so you have to do the dishes.
And no, that's not a hair in your soup -- it's just the Friday Smile.

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