Highly Recommend Us This Moment

Show some lovage while expediting your trip over here by adding one of these boss new banners to your website, guitar case, or refrigerator. Not quite as effective when put between bicycle spokes as you might like, but we appreciate the thought.

Right click on the banner of your choice to save.

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Satorical said...

There will be readers who say "Who are you trying to kid? You've only been around two years."

First off, we're ridiculously happy to *have* readers.

Second, Hex has, in fact, had a version of Highly Recommended going for about that long. He had the first blog I knew about.

Now granted, we don't refer to our alma mater (FSU) as the Florida State College for Women, but we do say it was founded in 1857, even though it went through various name changes.

So, um, please don't beef about the banners. Just use 'em. :)

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