The Friday Smile -- There Be Whales in Here Edition

It's summer movie season, time for all sorts of blockbusters to hit the screen. From action to drama to romance to comedy, it's time to figure out which ones will hit and which ones will miss.

A lot like the recommendations this week.

Some were gold, and some maybe didn't come off the way we were hoping. Luckily, there's always the European and Asian releases, DVD distribution rights, and video sales to help supplement our income.
What's that? We don't do any of those things?
You guys go check out the weekly wrap up -- I gotta go call my banker.

* Surface computing gets the sarcastic treatment.
* It's here, it's everywhere -- the dramatic chipmunk!
* Ever wonder what that F9 key on your Powerbook was for?
* Fantastic ironic photography from Timothy Allen.
* Google Maps gets fancy for walkers, joggers, and runners.
* Gather up your change and chase the truck -- it's Beer Popsicles!!
* Also everywhere, it's the Dramatic Amy Winehouse!
* Here's what trees look like after the sidewalk ends.
* A virtual taxicab simulator
* A virtual girlfriend simulator.
* Let's sing about Bruce!
* His name was Cy-Kill. ..Get it?
* Fascinating story about the rise and fall of a programming legend.
* Breath mint causes woman to react verbally
(note: none of her expressions matched the chart -- go figure)

My banker told me not to worry about it. He thinks I'm overreacting.
..Or did he say overacting?


Satorical said...


As was Ratatouille. Go. Immediately. Bring someone else. Let them hear your laugh.

Monster said...

When Star Trek peaks, drop the toaster in the tub.

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