Guyz Nite -- Die Hard

Dudes and Die Hard -- It's a story as old as time itself.

We know it's dreck, we've seen it a zillion times, but make no mistake -- if we're flipping channels and it's on, we're gonna stop. I suppose it's a lot like the way some women watch Steel Magnolias or Garden State over and over -- with the possible exception being that they never went back made 3 more versions of Beaches, each one dumber than the last.

Regardless -- Bruce Willis and the crew are set to bring the franchise back yet again, this time promising stunts that look far more implausible than anything he's done before (I wouldn't be surprised to see a Die Hard 6 released in my lifetime, offering a climactic scene where John McClane jousts to the death against Jesus riding the space shuttle horseback wielding Rudy Guiliani as a weapon).

It's a clear grab for money, a clear milking of an idea that's long run it's course
And I'll be there on opening night
..Singing this song.

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