Care Packages from Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk -- author of Fight Club and many, many more fantastic novels is quietly infamous for responding to fan mail with care packages filled with all sorts of weird, fun, and wild things. It's something he's done for years, but I find it cool that even after all the success and accolades, it's something he still does personally.

While not every letter sent his way gets this kind of treatment anymore (a result of the sheer number he receives and perhaps the growing knowledge of this particular habit of responding) -- all reports still say that he assembles, packs, and ships each of these boxes by hand.

There are several photosets floating around flickr depicting the rewards.


Monster said...

Anytime you receive a package that with a note that says "Your power quail is enclosed", that's a good day.

The Kaiser said...

Chuck Palahkiuk keeps appearing in my dreams. It's never actually a dream about him, he just pops up anytime I'm having any sort of dream involving being out in a realistic urban area in the evening (usually with some sort of event going on). I'll run in to him sitting outside a cafe having coffee or whatever and I will talk to him. Strangely, I will remember all of the other occasions on which I met him in other, unrelated dreams. Dreamworld-Chuck will not remember and I will get annoyed with him. I will then usually suggest that we go get dinner or a drink or something, and he will accuse me of trying to con him into paying for dinner/beer/whatever.

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means.

Anonymous said...

chuck is my favorite fucked up faggot. mostly because i too am in portland. and i shit you not, but i had about half those things at my garage sale last weekend...flash cards, fucking weird stuffed bird...sold em all! (maybe chuck bought em?)

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