Highly Recommended Thing Of Several Moments Ago: Amy Winehouse

Another chapter in the "I-would-feel-really-guilty-if-you-hadn't-heard-because-I-hadn't-told-you" saga.

Amy Winehouse is a soul & R&B singer from the UK that marries a brash, modern attitude with perfectly executed throwback stylings. She's been on the radar of music lovers for a few years, but really busted things wide open with her most recent album. Back to Black is eleven tracks of brazen, unabashed expression in a silky smooth coating of pitch-perfect jazz.

She really is all over the place these days - popular videos on MTV and a BRIT award for best female artist on her shelf. Sometimes, though, those of us who eschew the mainstream can miss the really good stuff that happens to transition there.

To borrow a classic introduction: If you've heard Amy Winehouse, you're a fan. If you haven't, you're about to be.

Aren't you glad I said something?


Satorical said...

I've been avoiding this like I avoided Alanis Morrisette once upon a time.

Do I have to do this?

Hex said...
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Hex said...

She's clearly talented and it's a groovy song -- but I wonder about how she's gonna fit into the landscape she's trying to work her way into.

There's a lot of buzz around her, but it's sorta like her look is more important than her voice -- and one of the things that is cool about Winehouse is that (perhaps Fiona Apple-ish) the voice that comes out is the last thing you'd expect from a look like that.

Satorical said...

Fiona Apple is exactly the other person I thought of. I got into her several years after the fact. The music was great, but it was better to listen to it without the persona.

I feel the same way about the Strokes. I know Hex doesn't have much use for them, but I really like their music, despite the fact that the lead singer is an ass. If I can get the music without the persona, I'm happy.

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