Highly Recommended Thing of Several Moments Ago - Flight of the Conchords

I had a dream last night wherein I'm hanging out with a bunch of friends and somebody puts in a movie. As it happens, this is a Tim Burton film (starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bohnam Carter, of course) that I had never seen. This is an interesting turn of events in and of itself, but then I realize that this is a ZOMBIE MOVIE.

A Tim Burton zombie movie that I have never seen.

In dream land, I start yelling at my friends... "Why didn't any of you TELL me about this?!?"

And they shout - "We thought you knew!!"

I woke up convicted. I'll never let that kind of thing happen to my friends, no way. In that spirit, I bring you the first of what will surely be sporadic chapters of:

Highly Recommended Thing of Several Moments Ago.

Just in case you haven't seen any really funny Outback commercials or incredibly charming movie trailers lately, there's a comedy folk duo from New Zealand out there that makes people laugh with gusto and frequency.

They're called "Flight of the Conchords", and here's a clip from their HBO special (which is not to be confused with their upcoming HBO series). It's a little languagey, so probably nsfw. Especially if your workplace frowns on snorty laughter.

For more, check out www.whatthefolk.net.

Aren't you glad I said something?

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The Kaiser said...

The first time this was brought to my attention it lead to a great deal of falsetto singing and giggling about the word "business".

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