BIlly Reid's Greatest Hits

Billy Reid of VeryTasteful.com has been hard at work populating YouTube with extremely entertaining short music videos. His work calls to mind early Weird Al original stuff - and anytime I'm reminded of Weird Al, that's a good time.


Satorical said...

Ok, since no one has guessed, the answer to the Robot Love question is...
Patti Rocks.

It's a little indie film from the late 80s, with Hank from Twin Peaks as one of the leads. For the most part, it's something of a drama/black comedy. At the end of the film, it's him and his buddy are talking over the credits, and he's saying completely inane shit like "What if you had a robot girl in the basement, so you could get a little robot love--would that be cheating?"

Hex said...

Great little movie. These videos are cool too!

Anonymous said...

I love this guy.

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