Well, You Asked

In his last post, Hex mused...
I used to think there was nothing more cheesy/doomed than a Valentines day proposal (save for maybe using the Jumbotron at a Knicks game), but apparently I was waay wrong.

Indeed you were, good buddy... because you forgot the Valentines Day/Pro Basketball combo. Your sentiment, though, was apparently right on.

Dude got consoled (and escorted off the court) by the mascot.


The Kaiser said...

Good for her.
I always thought extremely public and otherwise pressure-laden allegedly romantic surprise proposals were a douchebag move to make it hard for a girl to say no.

Maybe now that this guy has had his embarassment smeared all over the internet to a suicide-inducing degree men will be a little less inclined to force their girlfriends to make major life decisions while over ten thousand people are watching, or even at the Big Family Christmas or whatever smaller scale but still emotionally extortionistic event you like.

Satorical said...

Someone managed to get a beer into the guy's hands by the time he got off the court. Good thinking.

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