I am Jacks Complete Lack of Product Knowledge

IKEA is your home for shoddily made Sweedish crap, but has also provided the world with a catalog full of items that might as well be named after minor Tolkien characters. Sure it's affordable, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to pronounce names like FJÄRDING, LYSVIK, or GÖK.

Luckilly, the catalog has pictures.
The IKEA game does not.
Yes, it's the IKEA game -- where you're asked to match the unpronouncable names with the actual items themselves.

Not at all easy -- but it does match the carpeting.


Monster said...

3 out of 10, WITH the wife's help, and I gotta say, I'm very very proud of this score.

Satorical said...

4 out of 10. I have never been to an IKEA or seen one of their catalogs.

I be freaky.

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