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Interesting find here from a site called UbuWeb -- uncut recordings of several the infamous Francis E. Dec. Esquire rant readings. These are the same recordings that were used as the basis for a great Psychic TV song called "St. Francis E" from a CD called Ultrahouse, The L.A. Connection.

This is one of those things where probably like 2 people will stop and say "oh cool!" while many others will scratch their heads and wonder what the heck the deal is. Fortunately, the site offers help by reposting an essay about Francis Dec from another site.

Make no mistake here -- Dec is about 10 sandwiches short of a picnic, and these rants quickly make that fact clear, but the odd thing is that as you listen to him go basically berserk about the government it's hard to not occasionally wonder if some of the stuff he's talking about might be based on some sort of truth.

Well, OK -- maybe not, but it's hard not to sorta root for the guy once he gets going, even if it's just in the hope that his head will sort of explode from all the suppressed rage it sounds like he's channeling.

Of course the interesting thing I learned here is that the voice on the recordings isn't Dec's, but instead belongs to a DJ known as Doc, who apparently was a newscaster/talk show host on KROQ-FM back in the day who got hold of a couple of Dec's letters and decided to read/perform them on his show.

Before you listen to this speech, do know that it occasionally veers into strings of pretty harsh and occasionally racist language -- which isn't cool, but gives us another opportunity to remind you that the guy behind these words is completely off his rocker.

I guess I always find it interesting when I have a chance to learn something new about samples and speeches that make their way into songs that I like. Of course knowing (and sharing) little stray facts like this always seems to cause me problems whenever I'm in social situations, but I'm a music nerd -- so I guess it just sorta comes with the territory.

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