The Jagg Off

Help me out here, because I'm kinda torn on this one. I mean, no doubt -- The joke = funny. But the video in it's entirety? ..I'm not so sure.

Something about it feels like one of those latter day Jim Carrey movies where the slapstick humor is replaced with something else that's ..not quite as worth the time.

And not fer nothing, but who answers the phone in the middle of a crunch?

A few moments NSFW.
Upon watching this again, trying to figure out what my deal was, I think my problem is that as much as I love the idea and more or less bought into the concept -- I feel like the real issue is that I'm kinda not loving the actors as much as I need to for this to be effective (in other words, by the time the ending finally arrived, I was beyond ready for either of them to get zapped in the junk). Or maybe the thing is just a minute or so too long, or they wrote themselves into a corner and didn't know how to effectively get out.. I don't know.

The funny moments ("It's nothing, Bums are fighting") are totally worth it, but in the end I guess the problem I'm having is that since we haven't had the time to start a site called "sorta recommended thing of the moment" -- this is the best place for me to post something like this.
ps -- Hey Satorical? Do your best Jagger!


Monster said...

Agreed re: 1 minute too long and questionably funny payoff.

Side question: Is that's Giovanni Ribsi's brother?

Side anecdote: These guys could benefit from one of the rules of friendship some buddies and I derived a while ago. I think, actually, it's number 1 - Under no circumstances is tasering of the nuts funny.

Satorical said...

It's tough when you see something ok that could have been that much better.

For anyone reading this, yes, we could have done it better.

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